Clarence Thomas Health Update Stephen Breyer Speaks Out Amid …

Clarence Thomas’ Health Update – Stephen Breyer Speaks Out amid a Controversial Supreme Court Decision

Justice Clarence Thomas is currently on medical leave and will not be at the opening arguments of five high court cases. His absence was first reported on Wednesday, and came at a time when the Supreme Court is considering the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, a woman nominated by Vice President Biden. The absence of Justice Thomas is a significant development, as he is the second African American to be nominated to the Court.

The Supreme Court has declined to comment on Clarence Thomas’ health, though, saying that the justice had not yet been released from the hospital. Stephen Breyer, the Court’s chief judge, spoke out in support of Clarence Thomas, and said that the nation should pay attention to the Supreme Court process. This case is particularly important for our country, and it is imperative that we understand why the Court acted so quickly.

In the meantime, Thomas’ health condition has been improving, but the Supreme Court hasn’t provided any additional information. Thomas tweeted Wednesday that he was “very sick” but later deleted the tweet. The tweet spawned a search engine flood of interest in Thomas’ health. Newsweek reached out to the court for an update on the justice’s condition.

Meanwhile, Justice Stephen Breyer, who is retiring, said that the Supreme Court justice is not in danger. Despite Thomas’ ill health, Breyer stressed that “he is not in danger of going back to the hospital.”

While the media and partisanship urge the Supreme Court to make a new nomination, there is a growing chorus in favor of a different candidate. Ketanji Brown Jackson, the nominee of President Joe Biden, would be the first Black woman on the court. This nomination would preserve the conservative majority on the court. This was a difficult decision, but it was the right one.

The Supreme Court has found its voice through Thomas’s jurisprudence. It began hearing arguments via phone last year due to a coronavirus epidemic pandemic. The format was changed to allow justices to ask questions individually. Thomas has continued to ask questions ever since the courtroom was reopened in autumn last year. Despite the adversity, Thomas has stamped his authority on the court for the last term. Thomas has tirelessly worked to overturn Roe v. Wade which protected abortion rights in the country.

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