Clos Henri

Clos Henri – Tradition and Bravery Unite

Clos Henri Vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand is an exciting new vineyard development by Henri Bourgeois’ winemaking family from Sancerre in France. Here, tradition and bravery come together in this groundbreaking project which showcases New World terroir in all its diversity.

Vibrant and concentrated, this Estate Sauvignon Blanc marries mineral elegance with fresh and exotic fruit flavours for a richly satisfying palate experience. Its expressive character showcases the depth and identity of Wairau Valley’s distinctive terroir.

Early Life and Education

Henri was raised in Denver, Colorado by parents who both taught. Following an accident that fractured his left thigh bone, Henri decided to pursue art as a profession.

He traveled to Europe in 1888 and became greatly inspired by Frans Hals and Edouard Manet’s art, specifically their preference for darker hues compared to his earlier romanticism. This led to a significant change in Henri’s work from romantic landscapes towards darker tones, moving him away from romanticism that had defined much of his early works.

The family winery of Sancerre-inflected New Zealand winemakers is working to revive Sauvignon Blanc. This bottle hails from Marlborough vineyards on greywacke river stone. At first it shows some oyster shell reduction before opening up into lime leaf, lemon zest, and pineapple rind flavors in the glass.

Professional Career

Lara began her wine career at Clos Henri Vineyards. With her determination and natural curiosity she quickly progressed into roles of Vineyard Manager, then later Winemaker. This is also when she first encountered organic farming practices.

The winery is owned and managed by the esteemed Sancerre vignerons’ family. As part of their Bourgeois winemaking heritage, this vineyard brings French sensibility into Marlborough terroir.

An energetic Sauvignon Blanc that boasts rich aromas of citrus and white peach with an invitingly refreshing finish, ideal for pairing with seafood dishes.

Achievement and Honors

Clos Henri Wine Estate lies at the southern foothills of New Zealand’s Wairau Valley and was meticulously established and organically run by a world-renowned Sancerre winegrowing family. By blending their 10 generations of Sauvignon Blanc expertise with New World winemaking perspective, the wine produced here is both intense and delicate in character.

The vineyard’s vines cover various soil types, giving its wines their distinctive style and minerality as a reflection of its unique terroir.

Clos Henri represents both tradition and innovation; it stands on its own two feet while striving for perfection over time and distance. Two clock towers, hours apart but united as one chime together harmoniously every hour as one. Furthermore, Clos Henri Winery strives to portray Marlborough’s Wairau Valley uniquely through their wines.

Personal Life

Henri Nestle, known for his scientific contributions in creating one of the largest food companies worldwide, came from an affluent family; yet his early experiences often involved hardship and uncertainty.

He wasn’t great at managing relationships, but Henri excelled at running his country. Henri put an end to costly wars and introduced policies designed to improve life for his people – draining swamps, regularizing finances, encouraging agriculture and more.

The Bourgeois family have been winegrowers in Sancerre for 10 generations and were seeking an opportunity to apply their expertise on new soil. In 2000 they purchased 100 hectares of uncultivated land in Marlborough where they planted both Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir vines using meticulous soil studies at each site before planting the grapevines – creating wines of exceptional character that have their own distinct and complex character.

Net worth

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Clos Henri is an organically run wine estate belonging to the Bourgeois family from Sancerre, France. After purchasing their property in Wairau Valley, they immediately recognised its exceptional terroir; its vineyards spread across three distinct soil types such as Wither and Broadbridge clay, Greywacke river stone and Wither-Broadbridge clay create wines which feature freshness, elegance and ripe fruit qualities; thus producing complex single vineyard cuvees reflective of Marlborough terroir.

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