closest airport to princeton new jersey

The Closest Airport to Princeton, New Jersey

There are many airports close to Princeton, New Jersey. All three airports are within a one-hour drive of Princeton. To get to Princeton from one of these airports, you should rent a car, or you can take a bus or train.

Newark Liberty International Airport is a convenient airport that you can fly into. It is located just outside Princeton. The airport offers daily domestic and international flights to all parts of the globe. However, you should also consider the Trenton-Mercer Airport, located ten miles away from Princeton.

Alternatively, you can fly into Princeton Airport from Newark or Philadelphia. The airport is located approximately forty minutes from downtown Princeton. These two airports have excellent connections to other areas of New Jersey, making Princeton an ideal destination for those looking to visit the area and attend meetings. In addition to these great amenities, the Princeton Airport is a viable alternative to the larger airports in northern New Jersey.

Princeton is home to a number of world-class hotels, conference centers, and first-rate museums and sports arenas. The city is situated in a region that is equally near New York City and Philadelphia. It is convenient to travel by car or train, or take a bus to Philadelphia or New York City.

Princeton Airport is located just 15 miles south of Somerville Circle on Airpark Road. Take Route 18 North from the second lane. Continue on Route 18 North until reaching Route 1 South. This will take you to Princeton. The Princeton exits marked Harrison and Fisher are respectively.

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