Coco Gauff Parents

Coco Gauff – The Tennis Star of the 21st Century

Coco Gauff is the daughter Corey and Candi Gauff. Corey Gauff was a former collegiate basketball player. His wife, Candi Gauff, is a heptathlete who has won numerous state and national titles. Coco Gauff first became interested in tennis when she was six years old. After watching Serena Williams win the Australian Open in 2009, Gauff became passionate about the sport.

Coco Gauff’s parents were also avid sports fans, having played in many sports throughout their lives. Corey Gauff played college basketball for Georgia State while Candi Gauff was a hurdler and heptathlete at Florida State. Her parents both quit their jobs to support their daughter’s tennis career. Corey Gauff became Coco’s head coach, and Candi became an educator. She also has two younger brothers.

The parents of Coco Gauff are very supportive, and their support shows. Coco attributes her success to the support of her parents, who are also athletes. Her father was a Georgia State University basketball player, and her mother Candi grew up in Delray Beach. She also spent some time in Atlanta. Coco’s parents are supportive of her tennis career and want her to continue to play in the sport she loves. This is why her parents are so proud of her.

Coco Gauff’s parents are always praying for her, and they also pray for her opponents before and after every match. Coco Gauff was surprised by her parents’ gifts of tickets to the U.S. Open when she was only eight years old. She survived two match points against Polona Herzcog and made a comeback in round three to defeat her. Her parents stress the importance of Coco’s attitude on the court and encourage Coco to enjoy the moment.

Coco Gauff’s parents are American, and she was born in the U.S., in Atlanta. Her mother has been a famous tennis player. She has two sisters, and her father is a famous tennis coach. She was a professional tennis player and won four WTA Tour titles. She was also a professional tennis player who won four WTA Tour titles. However, she was banned from playing for the US Olympic team in 2022.

Gauff started playing tennis when she was just four years old, and she went on to win her first professional tournament at age fifteen. Her parents encouraged her to take up basketball and track after Serena Williams inspired her. When she was just six years old, she decided to focus on tennis, and began to achieve success. She became the youngest WTA singles champion in the WTA’s junior circuit, the French Open, in 2018. After reaching the finals of the Citi Open, she was ranked world-ranked in singles and doubles.

Coco Gauff has not disclosed her marital status or her parents. She has an American nationality, and her height is five feet nine inches. Her weight is unknown. She started playing tennis at age four and grew up watching Serena Williams play on television. Her career has been successful and she has qualified for the US Open 25K tournament. She is certain to be a household name with all her achievements.

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