Come Fly With Me Cover

Come Fly With Me Cover

“Come Fly with Me” is not a new song by any means, but it certainly pipped its predecessors on the pop charts. The title track, if you’re into music trivia, is credited to Sam Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen. While the song is no doubt a dynamite, Sinatra himself had a hand in the tinkerings. It’s not surprising that “Come Fly with Me” won the award for being the most enduring Sinatra album of all time.

A look at the cover indicates that the record is a mixed bag. The aforementioned song is augmented by the likes of a number of lesser knowns including Frank’s first solo album and a rare one featuring Count Basie and his big brother. Other notable entries include Sinatra’s sixth and seventh solo albums, respectively, and the aforementioned juggernaut. In all, the number of titles outweighs the talent. Nonetheless, the aforementioned title track was a high point in the otherwise drab year of the dog.

While there was no such thing as a best of all worlds version of the sexiest album of all time, Come Fly with Me did manage to get the lion’s share of the spotlight. During its brief heyday, the record was a veritable whopper. Although it never won the top spot on the charts, it was still the most enduring of the six. With a total sales count of over 10 million units, it is still the most successful of the Sinatra era. It was also the most commercially acclaimed, earning the moniker “The Frank.” Ultimately, “Come Fly with Me” was a resounding success and a fitting tribute to the man who wore it all the time. Sadly, that elusive crown is not likely to be achieved again. Regardless, the song is as relevant today as it was when it was recorded. Indeed, it may even have the most notable resurgence to date. Nonetheless, this is one album you’ll want to keep in the family album. Regardless, you won’t find it at your local record store. Fortunately, you can easily download or stream the aforementioned opus. One last requisite is an internet connection.

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