Cooling Necklace

The Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace

The cooling necklace is an accessory that is a great help to sufferers of hot flashes and sticky summer days. It comes in purple, green, and blue and is a great way to cool yourself down in the hottest hours of the day. The cooling gel inside the cooling necklace is nontoxic. All you need to do is freeze it in the freezer for four hours and you’re ready to wear it. The necklace stays cool for about 30 minutes, and you can even keep it on during exercise or a golf tournament.

The Nano-Ice Cooling Necklace works by encasing a plastic orb with a proprietary liquid that increases the ice’s cooling capacity. The necklace is made in Ipswich (UK) and costs $49 for a 2-hour cooling effect. This necklace can be used every day and is recommended for patients with multiple sclerosis, women going through menopause, and people who are in stressful situations.

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