Cowboy Cat Riding Shark Shirt

Cowboy Cat Riding Shark Shirt

A Cowboy Cat Riding Shark shirt is not something you’ll find in your local grocer. The t-shirt may be out of reach but if you’re a cat lover you’re in luck. For one thing, it’s designed for you. It’s lightweight and comfy. There’s not much better than a good night’s sleep in a t-shirt that isn’t dripping off the body.

The cowboy cat riding shark t-shirt has a number of features to its credit. The most interesting is the sublimation printing, which gives the design a silky smooth sheen. The t-shirt itself is made from 100% 95% Ployester plus 5% Spandex knitted fabric. This is a material that makes a smooth, quality t-shirt that’s hard to beat.

You’ll also notice the Cowboy Cat Riding Shark t-shirt isn’t exactly cheap, either. While the price tag isn’t exactly pocket change, the company behind it is a bona fide outfit. If you’re looking for a t-shirt to wear on your next tropical vacation or to show off to your fellow cat lovers, you’re in luck. As a matter of fact, the t-shirt was invented in honor of a beloved feline companion.

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