Crazy Bowlz New Paltz

Crazy Bowlz Restaurant in New Paltz, NY

A new restaurant in New Paltz, New York is bringing the flavors of Mexican food to the neighborhood. On the Crazy Bowlz menu, guests can expect rice bowls and noodle bowls as well as salad bowls and burritos. The restaurant will serve both takeout and sit-down meals, and has a variety of beverages.

Crazy Bowlz is a restaurant and bubble tea shop located at 232 Main St in New Paltz, NY. The business is open for lunch and dinner, and accepts cash and debit cards for payment. They also offer curbside pickup or delivery. You can read 180 reviews on Yelp to see how satisfied customers are with their food.

Crazy Bowlz is a family-owned company with a passion to good food. The first-generation grandparents of the owner had a restaurant in Philadelphia. Her parents also owned restaurants in Maryland and Virginia. She learned to cook for her father at a young age and was able to create many of the dishes she serves at Crazy Bowlz.

Crazy Bowlz offers Asian and Mexican fusion food. The owners previously owned a location in Kingston NY. The restaurant is now applying to become a Hawk dollars merchandiser and is looking forward to serving college students. They plan to offer affordable meals and innovative new dishes. They also encourage casual attire.

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