Crazy Cat Lady Costume

A Crazy Cat Lady Costume For Your Child’s Halloween Party

A Crazy Cat Lady is a female cat lover who enjoys dressing up as a ridiculous character. She wears a robe, a cat litter roller, and slippers. This costume is inspired by suburban psychopathy. It’s sure to be the talk of the party! Your child will make great memories as a crazy cat lady. Wear her costume for the next Halloween party, and your guests will be talking about it all weekend!

You can accessorize your costume by purchasing a robe that has a hood and a cat on it. Wear your cat-themed pajama pants over leggings. A pair of cat-printed transparent lenses glasses with a black frame would be a great accessory. Cat-printed socks, kitty slippers and a cat-eyed glasses are a must-have. For added flair, you can pin a stuffed cat on your bathrobe using safety pins.

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