Cute Owl With Big Eyes

Clipart of a Cute Owl With Big Eyes

Clipart of a cute owl is a great way to draw attention and highlight your designs. You’ll notice that most of the owls have similar-sized eyes, but the pupils of the left eye are larger than those of the right. The reason for the difference is not completely clear, but some researchers believe that the owl’s pupils could be indicative of brain damage. The owl’s ears, face, and body are highly adapted to hunt.

Owls have big eyes because they cannot move them easily. Owls are known to swivel their heads to avoid having to move their eyes. Potto, a primate of the Lorisidae famiy, is another animal with large eyes. Potto has very large eyes to help it see in the dark. Its swivel head allows it to keep a steady balance between daylight and dark.

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