Dairy Dip New Salisbury

Dairy Dip New Salisbury

The Dairy Dip Restaurant in New Salisbury, IN is a popular destination for fried food baskets, wraps, and ice cream. Local high school students and faculty often stop by after ball games for a quick bite. The staff will fry your food for you while you wait. The restaurant also has a Facebook page.

Restaurant in New Salisbury

The Dairy Dip is a great place to stop for ice cream and fried food baskets. This restaurant also offers great milkshakes. It is known for great service and reasonable prices. If you are looking for a great place to eat in New Salisbury, IN, this is the place to go.

Employees wear cloth masks

Dairy Dip employees are required to wear cloth masks when they are handling food. However, one recent incident led to one employee not wearing a mask. In the video, the employee is heard saying, “give that guy his f—- money!” and giving the middle finger. In an effort to improve the safety of their employees, the dairy is taking extra precautions. All employees are required to wear a mask while working in food-handling areas, and each station is sanitized every 30 minutes.

While N95 masks are the most effective, they are not the only option. Many establishments do not require employees to wear them. Some managers are still unaware of the latest guidelines and may be using masks that may not be as effective as those with N95s.

Menu items are subject to change

The menu at dairy dip New Salisbury is based on local ingredients. The menu may change occasionally. Prices may also change. Please contact the restaurant directly for the latest information. All menus and prices are subject to change without notice. You should always check with the restaurant for dietary restrictions.

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