Dale Henry

Dale Henry

Dale Henry is an award-winning speaker and business leader, known for using humor to deliver powerful messages about how to drive success in his presentations.

He draws upon his experiences to make his presentations interesting and insightful; serving as an inspiring role model to both entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

Early Life and Education

Hallett Dale’s early schooling in London and Cambridge is discussed, along with the impactful teachers who guided his interest towards science. His research into cat uterine physiology led to him becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1914.

Dale assumed numerous key administrative positions at the Ri during World War II, such as Fullerian Professor of Chemistry, Superintendent of the House and Director of the Davy-Faraday Laboratory. Additionally he served on numerous government committees and actively took part in several learned societies.

His experiences and education have enabled him to create and present best-selling audio and video training programs, training over 100,000 professionals annually.

Professional Career

Dale Henry hails from the foothills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, an area abundant with hospitality and story-telling. Since then, he has held positions such as teacher, principal, dean of one of Tennessee’s oldest colleges, businessman, author, speaker trainer.

Over six seasons he played 132 NHL games, scoring several goals along the way. Henry made headlines when his screening efforts helped Pat LaFontaine score in an overtime of first round playoff game seven between Islanders and Washington Capitals in 1987; Gord Dineen later credited Henry for providing protection to Capitals goalie Bob Mason during this momentous win for Islanders.

Since Henry died in 2011, Heiss has taken charge of his estate, mounting two retrospective exhibitions at Clocktower Gallery and Pioneer Works and advocating to boost institutional interest in his works.

Achievement and Honors

Henry has played in 132 games with the New York Islanders and earned several awards during this time. Additionally, he is an accomplished painter whose works have been showcased at numerous events across different types of venues.

In 1936, he shared the Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology with Otto Loewi for discovering acetylcholine as the chemical responsible for transmitting nerve impulses chemically. From 1914 until 1941 he served as Fellow of the Royal Society.

At an award banquet held on Nov. 13 in Phoenix, Henry was recognized with the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Industry Education Alliance Instructor of the Year honor. Out of 52 automotive professionals nationwide he was chosen. Henry has taught for 12 years at East Mississippi Community College teaching Advanced Automotive Technology, Automotive Diesel Technology and Collision Repair Estimating courses.

Personal Life

Henry is an internationally-recognized speaker, trainer and entrepreneur who leads seminars for business and corporate clients worldwide. He founded and heads Your Best Unlimited in Tennessee – training over 100,000 professionals annually!

Pioneer Works presents the first retrospective exhibition of Henry’s work since Clocktower Gallery exhibited it in 2013. On display at Red Hook space are pieces that demonstrate his formal pursuits, pushing painting beyond frames and off walls in line with both Conceptual and Postminimalist art practices. Furthermore, his influence can be seen through artists such as Ross Smith, John Weber and Alanna Heiss’ practices; not to mention group shows organized by Alanna Heiss at MoMA PS1 and Clocktower Gallery featuring Henry.

Net Worth

To assess a person’s net worth, it is necessary to understand his or her income as well as any assets owned and investments made.

Dale Henry is an Ice Hockey Player with an estimated net worth between $1 – $7 Million at 55 years of age.

He is the founder and President of Your Best Unlimited, a Tennessee-based training company which annually addresses and trains over 100,000 professionals and executives. Leveraging his business and educational experiences as well as lively, entertaining presentations that always deliver strong messages with useful tools, he is adept at engaging his audiences to achieve maximum productivity.

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