Dan Burley

Dan Burley – Rising Star for 2021 – 2024

Dan Burley is an accomplished trial attorney. He has represented clients in complex litigations and managed a range of business disputes. Recently he was selected as a Rising Star from 2021-2024.

“Skelf II” strikes an artful balance between references to Burley’s hometown (N16) and obscure phrases and symbols that help build an overarching story, creating an immersive totemic mindscape which it’s hard not to become immersed in.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Burley grew up in Hackney, London during its cultural zenith of grime, garage music and gang affiliation. He received a foundation at Central Saint Martins, his degree at Slade School of Fine Art and post graduate training from Royal Academy Schools.

He eventually started writing for the Daily Democrat and other African-American publications with his column being syndicated nationally. Additionally, he learned boogie woogie piano playing alongside musicians such as Lionel Hampton and Cab Calloway.

His artistic work explores a gaudy aesthetic language inspired by childhood obsessions over fantastical, digitalised objects like Poly Pocket toys and items from Argos catalogue. This aesthetic language can be seen throughout sculptures, videos and installations pieces by him that often take on an irreverent tone that pokes fun at material culture’s absurdities.

Professional Career

Daniel Burley is a prominent Illinois lawyer specializing in Business Litigation. Currently he is serving as a partner at Weston Hurd.

He has over two decades of experience.

He represents school administrators on daily employment matters and labor relations issues, litigation and dispute resolution services as well as employee discipline proceedings, student records matters and real property tax disputes.

Burley grew up in a working-class community and understands its struggles. He is dedicated to fighting for those marginalized or disadvantaged in society. As such, he has represented multiple clients in complex litigation matters as well as negotiating significant agreements or settlements on their behalf.

Achievement and Honors

Burley’s journalism career included The New York Times, Amsterdam News and The New York Age as well as serving as editor of Ebony Magazine and Jet Magazine; additionally he regularly contributed to The Saturday Evening Post Pic Crisis Review Interracial Review as a regular contributor.

He is a member of the International Society for Information Security and Ethics (CISSE) and was awarded with one of cyber security’s oldest awards: The Educator of the Year Award. Additionally, he has delivered multiple conferences and workshops related to cybersecurity as well as receiving research funding support from both public and private funding sources.

Connie survives him along with their two children Brandon and Allison. Among his many interests are fishing, golfing and cycling which were all enjoyed in his leisure time.

Personal Life

Burley’s unique visual language reflects his upbringing in London’s N16 postcode and draws heavily upon cultural influences from there, from Grime and Garage subcultures to American Bling-era Hip-Hop and Crunk music eras. Additionally, family heritage plays an integral role in his artistic output.

Artist David Raff uses obscure references and symbols to create his totemic mindscape which is both playful and mysterious. He enjoys exploring outsider theories like Gothic Futurism as well as hip hop polymath Rammellzee from hip hop culture’s past.

Following Martasia Richmond’s murder, Burley has attempted to justify his actions by arguing that she was violent and acting in self-defense. Additionally, he condemned acts of transgender women violence across America and asserted that more needs to be done to protect them.

Net Worth

Daniel Burley was best known for his boogie-woogie piano music and writing. Additionally, he served as a journalist who contributed articles to various African American publications like Chicago Daily Defender, Amsterdam News and Ebony magazine. Additionally, Burley contributed regularly as a syndicated columnist contributing his expertise to magazines like Life Pic and Crisis among many others.

He was also a respected musician who performed alongside artists like Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and Lionel Hampton. Additionally he appeared in five movies as an actor or writer of music for Milton Hinton, Fats Waller and Billie Holiday. However, in July of 2018 he was charged with first-degree murder for stabbing Martasia Richmond to death despite claims he was acting in self-defence at Englewood, Chicago where the incident took place.

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