Dan Sussman

Dan Sussman

Sussman is known to possess a wide array of interests and amassed quite the fortune over his career. While we remain unaware of his personal life, we know he maintains an extensive network of professional contacts.

He specializes in hereditable gastrointestinal cancer syndromes and colorectal cancer screening, and serves as an associate professor of clinical medicine.

Early Life and Education

Dan Sussman never expected that he would become one of Hollywood’s premier talent agents as he was growing up in Queens, New York. Although he enjoyed film and theatre productions, it never crossed his mind that one day he would play an active role behind-the-scenes within Hollywood’s entertainment industry. Sussman was known as an accomplished Renaissance man with interests spanning baseball, history and international cuisine – passions which would lead him down this career path.

Sussman began his career at the National Institutes of Health, working to incorporate computers into laboratory workflow. This work led to various medical breakthroughs.

Soon thereafter, he joined Stanford’s Department of Pathology where he collaborated closely with Ernest Cotlove to redesign their lab’s workflow and implement an automated tracking system for sample flow tracking – this ultimately helped their department gain accreditation.

Professional Career

Daniel Sussman is an award-winning screenwriter, having sold scripts to Warner Bros. and Polaris Pictures among other production companies. Additionally, he worked as staff writer on ABC’s The Practice while being selected as a TV Writing Fellow; writing both comedy features and disaster dramas during that time.

He currently sits on the Sunlight Foundation Scientific Advisory Board and Center for Responsive Politics Public Policy Committee. Additionally, he has spoken at numerous universities about lobbying transparency.

Recently, Sussman hosted a public science event on the physics of ice cream for Science for Georgia. Additionally, he co-authored with his first graduate student Haicen Yue an exciting new paper that was recently published in Physical Review Letters.

Achievement and Honors

He sold screenplays to various Hollywood studios and production companies. A graduate of Amherst College, NYU School of Law and USC Cinema-Television’s School of Cinema-Television; as well as being an accomplished fine art photographer inspired by Irving Penn, Stephen Shore and Albert Watson’s works.

Sussman contributed to artificial intelligence through debugging almost-right plans, propagation of constraints applied to electrical circuit analysis and synthesis, dependency-based explanation, and various language structures for expressing problem-solving strategies. He co-authored an introductory computer science textbook used at M.I.T for 23 years as well.

Daniel was overjoyed to see Haicen Yue deliver her inaugural American Psychological Society March Meeting talk in Chicago this year – so proud!

Personal Life

Susman has made generous donations to educational, charitable, community and political organizations. Additionally, he is a firm supporter of Israel and actively involved in several local Jewish groups.

He has sold numerous scripts to producers, primarily legal dramas. His screenwriting credits include work on The Practice and Darwin’s Law (a one-hour legal drama).

Apart from his professional responsibilities, Sussman enjoys spending time with family and friends. As an avid arts patron, he volunteered his services at Usdan Arts Summer Camp in New York. This year was particularly special as one of Sussman Lab postdoc Haicen Yue gave her first APS March Meeting talk! Additionally, he is an NRA Member supporting gun rights.

Net Worth

Sussman has amassed an enormous fortune throughout his career. It is expected to continue growing as he works. Additionally, he has made substantial donations to educational, charitable and community organizations.

Sussman has never been particularly active on social media and prefers to keep his private life out of the limelight. With black hair and brown eyes, Sussman hails from America with Judaism as his religion of choice.

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