dana white shirtless

Dana White Shirtless

UFC President Dana White has some impressive abs, despite not competing in the Octagon. This shirtless photo of Dana White, UFC President, from a recent appearance on Looking For A Fight shows that she is in great shape. She still works out, though. Here are some of her bodybuilding tips. After all, she’s been the head of the UFC for quite some time.

Despite his age and ineligible physique, Dana White recently went shirtless on Instagram. White’s Instagram post was intended to embarrass his friend who had just celebrated his birthday. The picture has been shared by many. He called into a podcast hosted by Matt Serra to address the controversy. His friend Matt Serra, a former UFC Welterweight champion, was with him.

White quickly denied that the picture had been edited. He told Serra to prepare for the public exposure. Serra also stated that she was terrified of the USADA visiting White’s house. This is unlikely, according to the USADA. Fans will continue to enjoy Dana White shirtless on YouTube. He’ll continue to trash-talk Jake Paul and other people.

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