Dance Moms 3 23

Dance Moms 3 Season 23 Review

Kristie and Melissa are competing for a featured dance role in Season 3. They compete to outdo one another to impress Abby, who is happy to have a new star on her team. Melissa is furious at Maddie’s promotion to assistant choreographer. The girls want to show Abby and each others their talents. Abby tries convincing Melissa, but she isn’t convinced. Meanwhile, Abby bans Brooke from the competition and gives Paige a solo performance.

The Abby Lee Dance Company’s three dancers are competing against the Candy Apples, who are their archenemies. While Kelly, Paige and Brooke are missing from the competition, Abby is able to use her secret dancing weapon, Payton, to wrest the lead. Abby also punishes Maddie by taking away her solo and letting her dance with the other dancers, which results in a close competition between the three.

The Abby Lee Dance Company is a competitive troupe consisting of young girls aged 11-14 who compete in dance competitions. They hope to qualify at the National Competition. In addition to the dancers, the Doting Moms compete against each other to protect the team’s reputation and ethos. In the end, the team loses in Nationals and Abby is forced to explain her actions. Dance Moms 3 is a documentary that follows the daily lives of dance instructors in real-life.

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