Danetta Henry

Danetta Henry – A Single Mother’s Story

As soon as Danetta Henry and her children moved into their neighborhood, they got along fine with their neighbors initially; but over time, minor issues quickly escalated into major ones between Lora and Danetta who would often fight constantly, with both families accusing each other for everything that went wrong in their relationship.

As things escalated on March 2, 2011 they eventually came to blows when both sides began throwing Gatorade bottles and water bottles at one another. Finally, on this fateful date everything came tumultuously to a head.

Early Life and Education

As Henry was raised in an economically struggling family, she quickly learned the value of hard work and determination – two principles which ultimately inspired her to pursue a career in public service.

She worked in several industries to finance her college studies, such as retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors; security work also inspired a keen sense of public safety within her.

Danetta resided with her daughter Dezhane and son Dezmond in Fresno, California. Unfortunately, her relationship with Lora White’s family, next door neighbor was tenuous as they often clashed over things such as playing loud music or dumping garbage – issues which both parties called upon the police for but could do nothing about.

Professional Career

Henry worked hard throughout her life to provide for both of her children, remaining hopeful about returning to school at some point.

She moved into a Fresno townhouse with her daughter Dezhane and son Dezmond and initially had a good relationship with their neighbors; however, over time small issues escalated into major disagreements.

Lora and Danetta often found themselves feuding. Their disputes escalated into vandalism against Alvin’s car: Alvin accused Danetta and her children for this damage but without proof, the police could do nothing about it. Finally, on March 2, 2011, Alvin shot Danetta dead, sparking further family discord that resulted in her shooting by police officers.

Personal Life

After moving to Fresno with her daughter Dezhane and son Dezmond, Danetta moved into a townhouse complex. She took great pride in caring for them both and maintained a positive outlook on life.

Alvin and Lora White quickly welcomed them as new neighbors. While initially friendly, things quickly escalated into a heated feud when Lora claimed Danetta played loud music late at night while also leaving garbage piles on their porch; she called police multiple times but no action could be taken without proof.

On March 2, 2011, they engaged in a physical altercation that included throwing sports drinks and water bottles at each other. When Danetta tried to escape, her attacker returned from inside with a pot of boiling water which he used against her by throwing it at her multiple times with it before throwing the pot against Danetta herself and hitting her several times with it.

Net Worth

Danetta Henry was an upbeat single mother of two who strived hard to provide them with a good life. Despite these efforts, she always saw the bright side and planned on returning to school at some point; unfortunately all this changed on March 2, 2011, when she was murdered following an argument with her next-door neighbor.

Alvin Dalton lived next door to Danetta and her two children, Dezhane and Dezmond. At first their relationship was amicable, but eventually their disputes escalated until Dalton ultimately claimed self-defense by shooting Danetta multiple times which ultimately killed her as well as injuring both of her children.

His claim was never in dispute and he has since been found guilty of first degree murder in August.

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