Daniel Aikens

Life Below Zero’s Daniel Aikens

Aikens set off a bomb at Monroe Beauty School in September before bombing two more locations: Texaco Gas Station in Alexandria and an Alexandria Payday Loan office. FBI agents discovered blast debris, pipe fragments and galvanized pipe pieces at his home as well as texts with his friend regarding this Monroe explosion on his phone’s history log.

At Academy Sporting Goods, his phone was later found near Academy. A review of sales receipts showed he purchased two pounds of Hodgdon H335 rifle powder and three fishing rod and reel combos.

Early Life and Education

At the National Education Association, Aikens worked to ensure both students and educators had access to quality education. He also provided support to Democratic campaigns nationwide – serving on Biden-Harris transition teams and as part of the Democratic National Convention Platform Committee.

Aikens was charged with three counts of fabricating a destructive device, three counts of possessing weapons illegally under the National Firearms Act and one count of conveying malicious false information. His sentence will take place before Senior District Judge Dee Drell on March 3rd 2023 and he will serve a minimum 16 year prison term.

Professional Career

Daniel Akins is an experienced chemist and research scientist. He earned both his B.S. and M.S. degrees at Michigan State University with specializations in fisheries and wildlife with spatial information processing as a focus. Daniel has long been active with the Society for Applied Spectroscopy as an active member, mentoring numerous doctoral students over time.

He excels at translating complex problems into straightforward solutions, helping him forge relationships with both personal and business clients alike. Furthermore, he holds professional credentials such as Certified Financial Planning status, being a Chartered Life Underwriter and being accredited as a Chartered Financial Consultant.

Aikens has also been accused of killing Charles Lewis, an employee at his lawn business. Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office investigators and federal agents are working together to get Aikens booked on second-degree murder warrant for Lewis’ death.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Akins has received many honors and commendations throughout his career for his efforts in academia. In 1988, he established the CUNY Center for Analysis of Structures and Interfaces which offers grants to minority students to increase diversity in high-level scientific research.

USC Aiken held its fifth Chancellor Investiture Ceremony to install Dr. Heimmermann as its fifth chancellor and several local officials and educators attended this special event.

Aiken was found guilty on 8 counts of illegal explosive charges related to illegal explosive devices, such as three counts of fabricating and possessing destructive devices in violation of the National Firearms Act as well as conveying malicious false information. Senior District Judge Dee Drell will sentence Aiken on March 3, 2023.

Personal Life

Once Aikens completed high school, he worked evenings as a switchboard operator to support himself and his mother while attending day college to obtain his Bachelor’s degree.

On the day of the Texaco bombing, his mobile phone, surveillance video footage and sales receipts indicate he visited Home Depot in Lafayette to purchase a drill, two metal pipe caps, glue and pipe pipe from there, according to court documents. Furthermore, he searched Google Street View images near Cloyd’s beauty School before downloading pdf instructions on bomb making from PDF instructions available online.

Police report that Aikens stopped his Chrysler when he saw Herzberger, asking if he liked his new car and offering to give a ride according to court records. When Aikens refused to get out, an officer punched him two or three times to dislodge him from the Chrysler.

Net Worth

Sue Aikens has made it clear that she is committed to her appearances on Life Below Zero even after her husband passed away from a brain tumor. Reportedly well compensated for each appearance on the show, Sue has yet to divulge how much money per episode is earned for appearing.

Flying Wild Alaska was her latest show and featured the Tweto family and their aviation business in rural Alaska. Utilizing their aircraft, they transported essential supplies to people living in remote parts of Alaska despite harsh weather conditions.

A federal conviction of Keelien Lewis’ death in Dry Prong on Dec. 31, 2017 by Aikens for collecting on an insurance policy of $250,000 has refocused attention on Grant Parish case involving Aikens being charged with second-degree murder for killing Lewis at 29, as was speculated at the time of her killing by authorities.

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