Daniel Ayres

The Life of Daniel Ayres

Daniel enjoyed working and had a strong work ethic. He often helped others with whatever they needed help with, from mowing yards to helping someone free their car from mud, Daniel was always available and helpful to others.

At Ayres Insurance Agency, he and his staff specialize in sales and service for Erie insurance customers – with over 150 years of combined experience!

Early Life and Education

Daniel Ayres spent much of his early life living on a farm near Rockaway, New Jersey. There, he married and had two sons before moving later on to Mena, Arkansas – where he enjoyed reading books and listening to music.

He was an accomplished gardener with an exceptional work ethic. Always willing to put aside whatever was necessary in order to lend assistance when necessary, his favorite music included both country music and Christian worship artists.

His family was an integral part of his life, and he took great pride in their achievements. He was active at Cathedral (now One City Church), participating on its youth worship team, production department and building maintenance department as well as volunteering at his local food bank. Overall he was an exemplary husband, father and neighbor.

Professional Career

Since 2016, Dan has been part of the research team at the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. His current research interests focus on molecular evolution, phylogenetic methods and parallel computing. Together with Michael Cummings he created BEAGLE; an advanced mathematical library designed for modern GPU PCs.

He is also an esteemed computer consultant with experience in Lotus Notes and Excel, who has assisted countless friends and students – including those writing Ph.D theses – with their computers.

Since 1998, his insurance agency has been operating near the King of Prussia Mall on Shaffer Road with a second location in Birdsboro. They offer auto, home and life coverage through Erie Insurance with over 150 years of combined experience among their team of agents.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel dedicated his life to his family and faith. At an early age he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and joined Cathedral Church (now One City Church) in Beaumont.

He was an esteemed scholar and beloved educator, winning multiple awards such as the NVIDIA Global Impact award(link is external). This honor recognizes researchers whose software uses graphics cards’ parallel processing capabilities to address scientific or technological issues.

Award presented to senior who best personify the characteristics associated with Philip B. Brown ’44, chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1968-1980: high academic achievements and accomplishments, broad cultural interests, seriousness of purpose and sense of humor.

Personal Life

Daniel was an avid reader and fan of country music. At an early age he accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord, becoming part of Cathedral, now One City Church where he served on both their youth worship team and production team.

He has also helped raise funds for the Limerick Panthers U-14 baseball team and Villa Maria Academy. His insurance agency can be found across from King of Prussia Mall on Shaffer Road in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

His love for family, friendships, Texas style BBQ and Alabama/Patriots football will live on in all who knew him. He leaves behind his adoring wife Kimberly and three cherished sons Joshua Alan and Dustin Alan as well as daughter Grace Ann as well as many cherished friends and relatives he was an incredible brother, uncle, friend and mentor to all he met.

Net Worth

At an early age, he began mowing yards and taking on odd jobs as they came. He developed an admirable work ethic, dropping whatever he was doing to lend assistance whenever necessary – even driving into traffic to free a stuck vehicle!

Mac Ayres is a singer/songwriter known for his single ‘Easy’ from 2017; with over 174,000 followers on Instagram.

Ayres is an Executive Director at Harris & Harris Group Inc and owns over 492 units of IDXX stock worth an estimated $8,309,800. In the last two years alone he has made 104 trades of his IDXX shares; previously he worked as a Zamboni driver for a minor league hockey team.

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