Daniel Baggett

Bio of Daniel Baggett

Baggett owned a real estate firm in Baytown and was an active member of Rose Hill Methodist Church. Additionally, he had his professional land surveyor license. Furthermore, he enjoyed hunting and watching Houston Astros games.

His research centers around theoretical self-folding origami, an emerging area of soft matter physics. This work can have applications across fields including medicine and space science.

Early Life and Education

He was born in Barrow County, Georgia and attended Winder High School before attending North Georgia College and West Point Military Academy before enlisting with the United States Army.

Fighting alongside his unit in Southern France, he earned the Purple Heart medal. A member of Rose Hill Methodist Church and registered professional land surveyor, he is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.

On Thursday, a Montgomery jury found one man guilty of nine charges against him, including four counts of sexual abuse of children under 12, as well as first-degree sodomy. Victims alleged the abuse occurred between 1988 and 2004, though they only came forward in 2014. As Jannah Wagstaffe reports for WSFA 12 News, following this verdict the judge revoked his bond for him.

Professional Career

Daniel Baggett serves as SAFCO’s Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance. In this capacity, he is accountable for creating and executing an extensive quality assurance program while assuring all loan servicing activities comply with all required guidelines and regulations.

He has over 10 years of maintenance and engineering experience in the IT field, with certifications in PHP & SQL Development, Photoshop Website Design and CCNA certifications to his name. In addition, his background encompasses PLC programming, electrical wiring and welding processes.

John has written several published works and delivered several keynote addresses at conferences about leadership topics. In both military and corporate America, he served as a leader. Furthermore, John established and managed the world-class True Growth Academy leader development experience which has served more than 2000 civilian leaders from different levels – military as well as government service personnel and civilian.

Achievement and Honors

Grace Baggett would spend her childhood afternoons typing away on her typewriter in her bedroom. This penchant for writing eventually led her to choose English as her major when enrolling at college.

Since attending Tech, she has kept herself busy by engaging in projects she finds stimulating. These include internships at Virginia Tech Stories – an oral history project focused on Hokies; Virginia Tech Magazine’s communications team; and an independent literary and art publication run by students.

Baggett earned several National Recognition Program awards as well. She was chosen as an Astronaut Scholar by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF), which provides funding for educational expenses as well as lifelong mentoring from astronauts, alumni of Astronaut Scholarship programs, and industry leaders. ASF awards their scholarships based on initiative, creativity, and excellence; Baggett also received this honor during her junior year.

Personal Life

Daniel Baggett brings over 10 years of experience to Platypus Tours Limited as Manager of Computer Infrastructure and Preventative Maintenance of Tour Buses. Additionally, Daniel holds certifications in PHP & SQL Development, Graphic Design, Photoshop Website Development as well as CCNA from Santa Rosa Junior College and Cisco.

He enjoys hunting and watching the Astros. Additionally, he has an interest in radio-controlled airplanes and cars and built his first RC plane 14 years ago; today he owns over 30 models including his one-of-a-kind Carbon Cub that was inspired by Jay Jolley’s custom version and featured in EAA Sport Aviation magazine.

Net Worth

Daniel Baggett has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million. He is a retired registered professional land surveyor who attended Rose Hill Methodist Church as well as owning and operating Baggett Land and Boundary in Baytown. Additionally, Daniel served in the US Air Force during Vietnam war service and holds veteran status today.

His hobbies include hunting, watching Korean dramas and studying God’s word. He has two sons and a granddaughter to keep him busy; in his free time he enjoys building RC aircraft and cars and sharing them with viewers via YouTube channel.

He has multiple siblings including Gilbert Strickland, Danny Baggett, Jeanine Baggett, Tamara Baggett, Carla Baggett and Carla Baggett. Additionally, he is an ardent fan of the Houston Astros. Carla Baggett currently resides with her wife in Mont Belvieu Texas.

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