Daniel Balmori

Daniel Balmori, Attorney at Law

Daniel Balmori is an attorney in Miami, Florida specializing in General Litigation matters. He earned his undergraduate degree at University of Santo Tomas before enrolling at Harvard Law School for postgraduate studies where he graduated in 2014.

Early on, Balmori began winning literary honors and awards. Three of his poems participated in the Rizal Day contest and won top prizes.

Early Life and Education

Balmori was an accomplished literary figure who started his career at La Vanguardia’s daily afternoon newspaper as journalist writing under the pen name of Batikuling – writing trenchant critiques of society’s powerful elite as well as humorous verse and serious poetry.

Early in his career, he earned literary distinction, winning three poetry prizes in El Renacimiento’s Rizal Day poetry contest. Additionally, he often engaged in friendly poetical duels known as Balagtasan jousting between prominent Spanish-language writers like Manuel Bernabe and Ilonggo Flavio Zaragosa Cano – emerging victorious each time.

Balmori, admitted to practice law in New York, Washington DC and Florida, has represented clients from various industries at every legal forum from small claims court through to the United States Supreme Court. At present he serves as pro bono counsel to Friends of The Underline Inc. in Florida who aim to deliver and activate a world-class linear park in Miami.

Professional Career

Daniel Balmori is an accomplished landscape architect with years of experience in urban design and project management. He has led various projects both public and private in terms of transportation planning, master campus planning and campus master planning – working on everything from transportation planning to master campus plans. Daniel currently sits on Design Workshop’s design team where he oversees landscape architecture projects as well as urban design/project management/project management initiatives for this firm.

His expertise includes contract review and drafting, sunshine/ethics laws and tracking legislation, as well as handling an array of litigation in both state and federal courts.

He is a member of the Florida Bar, and was honored with inclusion into Rising Stars for 2022-2023.

Achievement and Honors

Balmori began his literary career by taking part in poetry contests sponsored by El Renacimiento newspaper. He engaged in friendly poetical jousts against other writers, including Balagtasan a Tagalog poet, but always came out triumphant. Balmori achieved greatness as an poet when his book Mi Casa de Nipa won first prize at an El Renacimiento contest celebrating Rizal Day that year.

Hogan Lovells senior associate John Balmori serves as pro bono counsel to Friends of The Underline, a community-based non-profit that is building and activating an unparalleled linear park spanning 10 miles below Miami Metrorail that celebrates diversity, culture and lifelong learning while revolutionizing regional mobility. Additionally, John founded Moonlighter FabLab – a S.T.E.A.M learning center/fabrication lab focused on supporting makers.

Personal Life

Daniel Balmori, an attorney practicing General Litigation in Miami area courts, has been recognized by his peers for his exceptional work and dedication to legal profession, being named by Super Lawyers as Rising Star from 2022-2023.

Daniel E. Lage ’10, Andrew Velo ’10 and Daniel Balmori ’10-all members of the Cuban American Undergraduate Student Association-have an interest in who will occupy the White House come January. But their concerns extend even further-they want to know who will serve as president of Cuba.

Castro’s coup uprooted their lives, forcing them to migrate through hardship to the United States where they now strive to raise awareness of human rights violations throughout the globe.

Net Worth

Daniel Balmori is a top-rated attorney with exceptional customer service skills, earning Rising Stars honors for 2022-2023 as recognition of being one of the premier attorneys in his field. A member of Florida Bar and representing clients with General Litigation issues since 2014 after passing bar exam, Daniel also attends Sacred Heart Catholic Church, University of Miami Alumni Association as well as serving on boards such as those for Sacred Heart Catholic High School and Caswell County Association of Educators.

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