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Daniel Bathe – Author & Musician

Daniel Tiger enjoys helping Margaret get clean during bath time. This super chubby board book will encourage children to embrace bathtime!

Daniel Bath is a partner at Lewis Brisbois and represents public agencies, railroads, professionals and financial institutions in complex litigation matters involving Public Agency/Municipal Law/Real Estate/Land Use matters as well as Business Litigation matters.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Bathe is an author and community musician living in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. An accomplished pianist since adolescence, Daniel is also an experienced teacher of music – serving both private students and the Parkinson Lane Community Primary School Choir with its musical direction duties.

This super-chubby board book shows children the joys of taking a bath. Daniel loves playing with his bath toys and soap bubbles while helping his sister Margaret get clean during bath time. After bath time is done both Daniel and Margaret emerge feeling refreshed! This adorable gift makes an excellent way to promote hygiene habits among toddlers and preschoolers!

Professional Career

Daniel Bathe has been an established musician for years. He has taught music in diverse environments such as nurseries, refugee centres and high schools as well as serving as community choir leader and musical director for community choirs in Halifax and Parkinson Lane Community Primary School. Additionally he has performed with several bands while also creating music for theatre productions, opera productions and choir performances. Currently Daniel conducts the Young Philharmonia at Square Chapel Halifax while teaching Parkinson Lane Community Primary School students their craft of playing instruments.

Wolves’ end-of-season dinner in 2010 recognized him as “Young Professional of the Year”, while on 28 August 2010, he joined Sheffield United on loan for one month, but only made one league appearance as a substitute in league play.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel was bullied as a child due to his appearance, yet found comfort and relief through dancing as an outlet. Joining a B-Boy club helped overcome depression; later recognized by teachers. Today he stands as an outstanding big man with an easygoing yet quiet personality.

He revealed during an interview with KBS Hello Counselor that he almost gave up on his dream of becoming an idol due to management problems at his agency and lack of facilities and support from his family, but decided instead to persevere and debuted as part of boy group KONNECT alongside CL’s Very Cherry and GFRIEND’s YuJU in 2021. Additionally, he appeared on J-rock artist MIYAVI’s sixth album Imaginary as well as being featured as the MC for Mnet’s female dance crew competition show Street Dance Girls Fighter.

Personal Life

Catholics, Oriental Orthodox Christians, and some Protestants recognize Susanna and the Elders as an addendum to the Bible. While not present in Jewish Tanakh texts, Theodotion’s revision of this original text in 2 AD included Susanna in Greek Septuagint version; Picasso even found inspiration in this biblical narrative when creating his painting Susanna and Elders (1947).

Susanna’s devotion is commendable, but Daniel stands out as the true hero in this tale. By defying social norms by challenging elders’ evidence and prompting their executions, Daniel shifts focus from Susanna being wrongfully accused to Daniel’s unique wisdom.

Net Worth

As an actor and production house owner, Bathe earns an adequate living. However, her exact earnings remain undisclosed publicly.

She holds an education of high caliber, having completed both West Hill High School’s Bachelors program and Tisch School of the Arts affiliated to New York University for her BFA and MFA degrees respectively.

She does not live a lavish lifestyle and remains very grounded when it comes to family issues. She takes great pride in her projects and takes immense pleasure from creating them; as such she has amassed an enormous fan following. Furthermore, she keeps fans up-to-date with any new developments via social media updates on any forthcoming projects or releases.

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