Daniel Belinski

Daniel Belinski

Daniel Belinski is an actor of many talents who has excelled on both sides of the camera. Additionally, he is an award-winning writer and producer renowned for short films in North Dakota before branching out into feature-length movies with Canticle Productions in North Dakota. Furthermore, Belinski chairs the department of dramatic arts at University of Mary in Bismarck North Dakota.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Belinski moved to North Dakota in 2015 with the intent of following his passion for acting. At University of Mary, a Benedictine-run school, he studied and eventually directed their theater program before starting to write and produce short films himself.

Since then, he has established Canticle Productions and produced three feature films that honor North Dakotans and their culture.

Bielinski Studios recently produced “End of the Rope,” an epic drama based on an actual event that occurred in McKenzie County in 1930, when an entire family disappeared under mysterious circumstances and were held responsible by their sheriff. While in Watford City Bielinski met lawyer and historian Dennis Johnson who wrote “End of the Rope.” Together they collaborated on creating this film together.

Professional Career

After spending several years pursuing acting roles in New York, including guest spots on forgettable series, Bielinski returned home in 2015 and established Canticle Productions in Bismarck. Their focus is making films and theater that honor North Dakota’s land, history and people.

Bielinski specializes in coaching individuals and couples through life-altering conversations to break negative, habitual patterns of thinking and behavior that hamper success and impact.

She assists them in finding peace in their identity and worth as children of God through Jesus’s final and sufficient sacrifice for sins. She serves as an adjunct professor at Phoenix Seminary as well as teaching coaching and counseling courses.

Achievement and Honors

Dan is currently enrolled as a senior in Penn State’s Science B.S./MBA program, having participated in multiple co-op rotations with GlaxoSmithKline and Fox Chase Cancer Center. Additionally, he holds certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and regularly volunteers at local hospitals’ Post-Anesthesia Care Units.

He has written, produced and acted in several short films including The Good Father and You Beautiful Crazy Blind Cripple which have won multiple film festival awards. Additionally he has played an integral part on productions by Canticle Productions and D&N Cinematics.

Recently, he appeared in the Western film Sanctified which recently hit theaters across North Dakota. This dramatization follows outlaw Weston and Sister Hildegard as they struggle to reconcile their differences, with religious themes present throughout.

Personal Life

Daniel Belinski lives with his wife Gayla and children in Bismarck, North Dakota. He serves as Chair of Dramatic Arts at the University of Mary while also running Canticle Productions – a company dedicated to creating film and theater that celebrates North Dakota’s history, landscape, and people – producing its initial films such as A Heart Like Water, Sanctified, and End of the Rope.

Since moving to North Dakota to focus on acting, he has written, produced, and starred in multiple short films that provided invaluable experience for directing full-length features.

One of these films, “A Heart Like Water,” recounts the struggles of an early American family as they search for faith and survive against all odds. Another, called Sanctified,” offers an exciting western with a powerful spiritual message.

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