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Artist and Designer – Daniel Benayun

Daniel Benayun, an artist and designer specializing in commercial design, gives a tour of Newton Centre’s Nearby Gallery with soothing jazz music filling the air. As part of this tour he stops to display “Benayun Wonder Cans,” inspired by Andy Warhol’s soup cans; 5-9 is intended to dispel any stigma that often surrounds such artists who work in commercial design.

Early Life and Education

Benayun spent much of his youth immersed in the fantastical worlds depicted on comic book pages. Their combination of striking imagery and captivating narrative quickly ignited his love of storytelling, an element he now incorporates into much of his work.

Benayun lives and works in Jamaica Plain as a full-time painter, freelance designer, and art instructor. His clients include Simon & Schuster, Red Bull, Beehive Books and Misguided Spirits.

Benayun’s graphic paintings utilize bold lines and technicolor palettes to express ideas ranging from introspective thoughts to passionate poetry, through compositions that explore familiar realities reimagined into moments from either past or future imaginings of an alternate timeline. His dream realm features many members of Benayun’s family as intriguing figures in captivating settings reminiscent of memories and personal experiences that recall vividly into Benayun’s personal space.

Professional Career

Benayun began his senior career with Liga Leumit club Hapoel Be’er Sheva. During his inaugural season he scored three hat-tricks against Havant and Waterlooville of non-league Football; other goals came against Wigan, Blackburn, Portsmouth, and Aston Villa – his goals being counted among them!

Next came Liverpool where he signed for one year on an initial one-year deal in 2007. He made his UEFA Champions League debut against Besiktas when coming off the bench in the 88th minute for Gervinho and making an impactful impactful debut appearance.

Daniel Benayun’s designs take place within an imaginary universe inspired by vintage advertisements. The Jamaica Plain artist draws his esoteric influences and fascination with antique malls to create anachronistic nostalgia in his art work, often including elements from client work that blur the distinctions between uninhibited paintings and client products.

Achievement and Honors

Benayun is an esteemed artist renowned for his solo and group exhibitions. His artwork has been showcased in publications like Boston Globe and Juxtapoz magazine.

He is revered by both critics and collectors, with many of his pieces fetching premium prices; his early works in particular become increasingly desirable over time.

Benayun draws his artistic style from the bold lines and vibrant palettes found in early twentieth-century advertising, drawing upon this source for an aesthetic that embodies both nostalgia and modernism. Additionally, poetry provides him with another artistic outlet; currently living in Newton Centre Massachusetts

Personal Life

Daniel Benayun leads an unusual double life. Combining painting with commercial design for clients such as Simon & Schuster, Red Bull and Beehive Books.

Jamaica Plain artist Brian Hodgins’ interest in commercial art lies in its blend of striking imagery and captivating narrative. His pieces explore a vivid, dream-like world filled with dynamic heroes and engaging tales.

Benayoun achieved great success during his time with Liverpool, scoring eleven goals out of 47 competitive matches and playing an integral role in their fight to avoid relegation to Division One. In addition, he appeared six times for Chelsea and loaned out to West Ham and Arsenal respectively during that period.

Net Worth

He scored 26 goals for the club. On 4 April 2009 against Fulham he came on as a substitute and scored an unbelievable winner in the 94th minute!

Benayoun joined Arsenal on a one-year loan deal during 2011/12 but did not make the first team and returned back to Chelsea at season’s end.

In 2014, he returned to Maccabi Haifa on a two-year contract worth $1 Million and was named team captain, replacing veteran Yaniv Katan who retired. However, they struggled in Israel’s Premier League competition and Benayoun encountered some dissatisfied fans during his stay; later moving onto Queens Park Rangers for Championship football action.

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