Daniel Blaylock

Daniel Blaylock

Daniel Blaylock is a professional makeup artist. His services have been sought out for projects including photo shoots, pageants and calendars; additionally, they have even been showcased on television!

On February 17, 1988, police discovered Theodore Knox, Oscar Parham and Ronald Walker were members of a drug dealing family who had been discovered murdered at an apartment building in Zion, Illinois.

Early Life and Education

Danny, known to his family and friends, was raised in Springdale. After attending Princeton High School he became a financial advisor, professional career counselor, and food production manager for a local food manufacturing firm.

He was an extremely generous and kind individual who never met a stranger. He enjoyed watching old western films, singing in church choirs, spending time with his horses and dogs and horse training. With his gentle approach he could even manage to tame unbroken horses into submission.

His life was truly inspirational to all those he knew and loved him; Danny was an extraordinary husband, father, son, brother, and friend whom all will miss terribly but will always remain in our memories.

Professional Career

Daniel Blaylock has long been recognized as an outstanding assistant coach of various college basketball programs. After joining Panola College’s staff in November 2011 to oversee recruitment, strength and conditioning training, player development as well as overall team operations for their Lions team, Daniel was named head assistant coach in March of 2012.

He served as an assistant coach at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska and helped win 97 games during his time there, with two nationally-ranked teams at Northeast.

At Purdue Fort Wayne, Blaylock now serves as recruiting coordinator, compliance liaison, scheduling contact and community service outreach coordinator for the Mastodons. Under his direction, front court production has greatly improved; his most notable success has been helping develop Ra Kpedi into the leading scorer and rebounder in Horizon League over the last three seasons.

Achievement and Honors

Blaylock, at an impressively young age, has already amassed an impressive list of literary achievements. He is best known for writing a series of steampunk science fiction and fantasy books which draw influence from authors such as Wells, Verne and Sterne – these works have been described as gentle descendents of classic adventure tales and have even earned him comparisons to “G. Smithers.”

He has also written several edgy novels featuring ghosts as believable everyday protagonists, such as Night Relics and Winter Tides.

Recently, Blaylock joined Threaded Pictures as his representative in the U.S. for commercial and branded content motion work – his projects include those for Pizza Hut, Frito Lay and Grey Goose among many others. As a proud foodie himself, he believes every dish can tell its own unique tale.

Personal Life

Daniel Blaylock-Napolitan hails from a single-wide trailer in a rural Oklahoma town and now specializes in makeup artistry and hairstyling for Hollywood stars. Thanks to some hard work and chance meetings, this immensely talented creative has managed to build his dream career!

Hodge must also sift through an abundance of facts without many living relatives to consult, which is where Hodge’s use of ghosts comes into play. For instance, Hodge devotes several chapters to Albert Goodwin, an influential labour leader who may have been assassinated following leading an unsuccessful 1917 smelter strike led by him. Hodge uses ghosts as guides when discussing Goodwin. For instance, Blaylock may have ordered his death following Goodwin leading such strikes and Hodge makes his case.

He also takes considerable liberties with Ruperta and Kathleen’s relationship, depicting it as one marred by tumult. Kathleen may have had an unsavoury marriage but, according to him, was highly adept at seducing Ruperta with love-making tricks.

Net Worth

He currently resides with his wife and two children in Dickson, Tennessee and is an active member of North Boulevard Church of Christ where he frequently assists with foreign missions as well as teaching classes and singing on their praise team. Furthermore, he holds certification as a veterinary acupuncturist combining traditional with alternative treatments.

Josh Blaylock is not only a successful businessman; he’s also an animal enthusiast. His border collie Katy lives with him and he participates in dog rescue organizations and donates generously to charity organizations. Josh was married once but the marriage ended in divorce; currently single. Josh made headlines through his role as BrianD in Video Game High School from 2012-14; as well as providing the voice-overs for Red Dead Redemption in 2010.

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