Daniel Borden

Daniel Borden is a Sculptor and the Husband of Maggie Wheeler

Daniel Borden of Ohio was sentenced to nearly four years of incarceration for his participation in the beating of a counter-protester at Charlottesville’s Unite the Right rally. In May, he entered an Alford plea – accepting that there was enough evidence against him without admitting guilt – without admitting wrongdoing himself.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Borden was among four men found guilty of attacking counter protesters during 2017’s “Unite the Right” rally and was this week sentenced to nearly four years in prison. In May he entered an Alford plea – accepting there is enough evidence against him without admitting guilt – on malicious wounding charges.

20-year-old Mason resident Ryan Borden recently told Judge Christopher Johnson he did not intend to act in such an unfavorable manner and expressed regret over his actions. Michael Hallahan plans on presenting character witnesses at his sentencing hearing scheduled for January.

In 2014, Borden made statements that made parents at Mason High School anxious of an imminent shooting at their school. Subsequently he dropped out and is currently working towards receiving his GED certificate.

Professional Career

Borden has distinguished himself in privacy and cybersecurity law for nearly twenty years as an attorney, handling high-profile cases as well as authoring/contributing to several books related to it. Additionally, his expertise has been featured in publications like Best Lawyers in Canada, Lexpert, and Who’s Who Legal.

Last year in court hearings, Borden’s family strongly denied that he was racist or supported white nationalism. Both his parents testified as character witnesses against any allegations that he might be bigoted or bigotous.

Borden apologized to both DeAndre Harris and Charlottesville during his sentencing on Monday, entering an Alford plea – acknowledging enough evidence for conviction without admitting guilt – which means he will serve three years and 10 months behind bars.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Borden was among four men convicted for their roles in the assault of an African-American at a white supremacist rally last year in Charlottesville, Virginia. He received 20 years with all but 16 suspended.

While attending Mason High School in Southwest Ohio, Borden made racist statements and assaulted another student over a cookie dispute. Additionally, he drew swastikas while asserting membership of a gang called Brothers of Confederacy.

On April 5, 2011, he appeared before a judge and entered an Alford plea, accepting there was enough evidence against him without admitting his guilt. A judge has scheduled his sentencing date for January and he remains at Naval Correctional Institution Portsmouth in Virginia.

Personal Life

Daniel Borden Wheeler is an esteemed sculptor. He is also married to Maggie Wheeler, best known as Janice in situational comedy series Friends. Daniel and Maggie married in 1990, and remain together today.

Personal life aside, he is an extremely devoted father to their three children and they all deeply adore one another. Additionally, he specializes in creating breathtaking sculptures. His pieces often focus on various kinds of stylized articles or spaces for which he has won multiple awards.

Borden entered an Alford plea — acknowledging sufficient evidence against him without admitting guilt — for beating DeAndre Harris during the August 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. On Monday, he was sentenced to 20 years of incarceration.

Net Worth

Maggie Wheeler is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Janice on Friends. Additionally, she is a talented singer and has appeared in various theatre productions.

She has amassed an estimated net worth of over $2 Million. Since 1990, she has been married to Daniel Borden Wheeler and they share two daughters together: Juno and Gemma. Though details about her private life remain scarce, we know she had previously been involved with actor David Duchovny prior to marrying Wheeler.

Judge Moore is considering sending Borden between 6-10 years in prison for assaulting Deandre Harris. He notes that Borden is young, has no prior convictions, cooperated with law enforcement officers and chose to plead guilty rather than attend pretrial hearing and trial; these factors should work in his favor.

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