Daniel Crosby

Daniel Crosby is a Financial Advisor with a Purpose

Daniel assists clients with meeting needs beyond portfolio needs, such as long-term care costs or helping families manage a complex inheritance situation.

Every week on his Standard Deviations podcast, psychologist and New York Times bestseller Daniel Crosby explores money, mind and meaning from a psychological angle. Daniel is also author of Personal Benchmark.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Crousby was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. While attending public schools he favored athletics over academics; upon graduating from DeVilbiss High School he took employment with Dana Corporation as factory employee.

He was always there for his family, especially his children and grandchildren. A proud Army veteran, he enjoyed telling stories about his time spent stationed in Hawaii and Germany as well as being passionate about motorcycles and fast cars.

He was an amazing husband, son, brother, father and Pawpaw whose generosity touched so many. Visitation will take place Thursday July 29 from 5:00 to 8:00 at Sterling-White Funeral Home in Highlands before interment at Sterling-White Cemetery nearby. He will be greatly missed.

Professional Career

After earning his PhD in clinical psychology, Daniel Crosby realized academic salaries weren’t sufficient to support the lifestyle he desired. To meet that challenge, he then turned his focus towards translating academic behavioral finance research for financial advisors working in practice.

He is the author of several books, such as “Personal Benchmark”, a New York Times bestseller. In “The Behavioral Investor,” he examines how sociology, psychology and neuroscience influence investment decision-making processes.

Nocturne Capital, a behavioral finance-based RIA offering three strategies such as Nocturne High Conviction strategy. He is a dedicated husband, father and grandfather. In his free time he enjoys traveling, golfing and spending time with his family – as well as fishing and woodworking! His favorite sports teams include St Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Browns.

Achievement and Honors

Vidal received the Ronald M. Huntington Award during his final year at Chapman University for having displayed outstanding scholarly accomplishments beyond regular classroom activities. In addition, he participated in Dr. Liberman-Martin’s Organic Methods Research Lab as well as applying for Ph.D. programs in organic chemistry.

Daniel is an exceptional son, brother, husband, father and grandad who in 2014 welcomed Karra as his first great-grandchild! Daniel lived with his wife Thelma in Tucson where they enjoyed various hobbies like hiking, golfing, rock hounding and casino visits together.

Personal Life

After becoming disenchanted with individual therapy, Daniel made the switch and took to business-focused psychology instead. He found work conducting workplace assessments across the Deep South where he witnessed first-hand some surprising truths regarding competence, wealth and meritocracy.

These insights shaped his inaugural TED talk, entitled You’re Not That Great, which became a viral success. The talk shared 7 counterintuitive truths essential for living an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Daniel loves exploring the American South and following St Louis Cardinals baseball closely in his free time. Additionally, he’s a loving father to three and grandfather of nine – becoming great-granddad for the first time to Karra and Travis’ daughter Paisley in 2021! Additionally he has one brother as well as many nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

Dan Stevens is an esteemed British actor with an estimated net worth of $6 Million. He became widely acclaimed for his performance as Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey and has performed in various stage productions; additionally he has described audiobooks for BBC Radio 4 programs and described audiobooks for audiobook authors.

He has written many books, such as the best-selling The Laws of Wealth. This work explores the neurology, physiology, and psychology involved with sound financial decision-making. Furthermore, he is co-founder and CEO of Lemonade Inc. which uses technology to assist businesses with managing their cash flows.

He is the proud father of three and an avid supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as enjoying writing and literature; a frequent contributor to The Sunday Telegraph.

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