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CocoFinder allows people looking for people with the name Daniel Currence can search free public records of people named daniel Currence to gain more insight into their lives. You can search phone numbers, addresses and other data of people named Daniel Currence living across various states; most reside in Ohio and West Virginia while some can even be found elsewhere across America.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Currence had many dreams and aspirations in life. He worked to become a welder, which he excelled at. He held multiple certificates from Lord Fairfax Community College as well as being known for being kindhearted. Additionally, Daniel enjoyed detailing cars while dreaming of one day building his own log home.

He was running for an at-large seat on Missouri’s Liberty Schools Board of Education and sought to retain teachers, advance academic excellence and increase transparency of board decisions while supporting parents’ role in shaping children’s moral character.

Anissa J Currence and he have been living together for 23 years and reside in Cortland, Ohio – having resided at least 18 different places together during that time period.

Professional Career

Daniel Currence is an established leader in DEI recruitment, student affairs and education. She has developed a holistic admissions model which has assisted thousands of students in their pursuit of higher education or healthcare careers. Additionally, Daniel teaches intergroup dialogue pedagogy as well as anti-racism pedagogy classes.

Daniel enjoyed spending his free time welding and detailing cars. He dreamt of building his own log home one day; all who knew him will miss him deeply.

Public records reveal that Daniel Currence is married to Anissa J Currence and has lived at least 18 different locations during their 37 year relationship, currently being 2437 Niles Cortland Road NE in Cortland Ohio where he currently resides at age 73 and born March 1950 with two children and four grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Currence ran for a seat on Liberty Public Schools school board in Missouri as one of four non-incumbent candidates competing for two open seats on April 5. Prior to the vote, The Kansas City Beacon sent each candidate five questions regarding their qualifications for election.

James currently performs with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra and serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Union University in Jackson. In addition, he has performed with Theatre Memphis and frequently substitutes as musician with Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

Daniel and Anissa J Currence have been living together for 23 years in 18 different places, having 4 children together and moving frequently throughout that time. You can easily verify their phone number and address using CocoFinder’s free public records database.

Personal Life

Daniel Currence loved welding and playing music, detailing cars, dreaming of one day building his own log home and spending time with family; he was known to tell many wonderful tales. Daniel is survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

On Thursday night in northeast Ohio, witnesses reported to police that a bull repeatedly head-butted Daniel Currence of Champion in northeast Ohio before running away and entering a barn nearby, reported the Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Public records confirm that Daniel Currence and Anissa J Currence have been married for 23 years and have lived in at least 18 different places together. You can access their current address using CocoFinder people search tool; it utilizes legal names and public records to reveal an individual’s location, history and other pertinent details.

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