Daniel Currier

A Collection of Letters and Fragments by Daniel Currier

This collection consists of letters written by Daniel Currier to his parents while serving in the 14th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. These documents offer insight into everyday life, duty and politics for him as a soldier in New Hampshire’s 14th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry regiment.

Danny will be missed by his loving partner Charlene Hier of Leicester, his daughter Heather Betourney and husband Jason, his son Daniel, four grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, nieces Bristol and Missy as well as numerous cousins, aunts, uncles and friends.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Currier was born in 1975. An Eagle Scout by nature, Daniel also enjoys camping & hiking as well as musical theatre performance and writing many plays for children at Mountview Middle School where he currently studies. Daniel also writes numerous books & plays to help teach & educate his peers.

He is an active member of both the Centre District Society and New Hampshire Medical Association, serving on their respective Boards of Trustees as well as that of Brooklyn Philharmonic.

He leaves behind his life partner Charlene Hier of Weybridge, MA; sister Beverly Rosenquist and her husband Guy of Conway, New Hampshire; brother Wayne Currier from Leicester; niece Bristol; cousins, and many friends. Additionally he was an active volunteer with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as well as being appointed as Westfield State University trustee for 2023-2024 academic year.

Professional Career

Currier has held positions with five different companies over his career and currently works as an area sales manager at Qiagen.

Nat worked as a job printer alongside his brother following graduation, copying everything from music manuscripts and architectural plans, portraits and disaster prints; an important achievement since newspapers typically did not include pictures at that time. He produced Ruins of the Planter’s Hotel New Orleans print as one such significant work.

His team advanced to the A-10 semifinals last season. Rok Taneski and Elias Harryson, two University of Dayton players, were honored as A-10 Players of the Year; several former UD players have since gone on to become professional basketball players both North America-wide and in Europe.

Achievement and Honors

He led the Mountain Lions to an unprecedented 19-10 record during 2022-23 – second only in program history! Additionally, several of his players received NABC team academic awards and several made it all the way to NCAA Division II Tournament play-offs.

He holds memberships in the Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce, Westfield State University Foundation, and Westfield Redevelopment Authority as well as acting as managing director at Hansen Engineering and Machinery Co. Inc. He serves on Suffield Academy’s board as well as at Westfield County Medical Center’s.

He currently resides in Shelton, Connecticut with his wife Vicky and is an avid outdoorsman who loves playing baseball and spending time outdoors. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with family and friends like Bristol (his niece).

Personal Life

Dan enjoyed spending time with his family, playing BMX bicycle races and camping. Additionally, he took great pleasure in raising and showing American Staffordshire Terriers as well as traveling. Additionally, he belonged to Kewanee Lions Club as well as volunteering at local schools. Dan leaves behind his mother, father, sister, niece Bristol as well as aunt and uncle as well as numerous cousins.

Currier sent 49 letters and fragments during his service with the 14th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War. Letters detail daily camp life, duty, politics and money as well as his interactions with African-Americans fleeing slavery (“contraband”) as well as Confederate soldiers. Most letters date between 1862-1865 from Camp Adirondack outside Washington D.C.

Net Worth

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He is an active member of his community and has supported several local charities. Additionally, his passion lies with conservation issues; he has donated to multiple organizations working on this subject matter.

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