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Dan Del Vecchio

He is well-recognized for his exceptional skill and stunning results in Brazilian butt lifts and breast augmentation with fat transfer procedures, with clients traveling from around the globe for his services.

Please keep Dan and Rhoda Del Vecchio, as well as their daughter who ministers alongside them, on your prayer lists daily!

Early Life and Education

Dan Del Vecchio was born and raised in Boston, MA before attending Providence College before being drafted into the Army Counter Intelligence Corps. Later he graduated from New England School of Law before setting up practice in North Attleborough.

He was an adoring husband and father to Harrison and Kyra Del Vecchio as well as many nieces and nephews whom he deeply cared for.

Brother Dan was given an early call to ministry evangelism among Spanish-speakers, particularly among Latinos. Together with Rhoda he ministered under an anointing that brought revival wherever they went.

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Professional Career

He is internationally-recognized for his expertise and research in fat grafting. His lectures on this topic span six continents. His clinical interests include high definition liposuction, breast and buttock surgery with fat grafting techniques, as well as removal of breast implants (en bloc capsulectomy).

He was an unwavering champion for both his clients and community. For fourteen years he served on North Attleborough’s United Way chapter as both business chairman and special gifts chairman, in addition to serving on both town government study committee and Zoning Board of Appeals committees.

He began his legal career as a solo practitioner for 26 years, until joining Clapp and Murphy. He is survived by his wife Anne Del Vecchio as well as their daughter Dyann Del Vecchio Hilbern who lives in Matunuck.

Personal Life

He was an energetic and enthusiastic individual, always finding time to listen and assist those around him. An avid traveler, he loved exploring various cultures. Additionally, he enjoyed cooking for friends and family as well as hunting down wild mushrooms during his travels.

Dan Delvecchio passed away earlier this week at age 82, leaving both friends and family mourning his loss.

He was a self-taught artist, musician and writer who taught himself fluency in Spanish at an early age. Soon thereafter he sensed God calling him to minister specifically to Spanish-speaking audiences; He moved under a powerful anointing and saw Revival spreading wherever he went; churches were established through him raising disciples. Furthermore he was very committed to prayer.

Net Worth

Dan Del Vecchio was both an acclaimed businessman and family law attorney. His firm handled cases relating to divorce and family law appeals; additionally he served on North Attleborough Zoning Board of Appeals as well as active member of Bristol County Bar Advocates.

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