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The Deshe Family – Daniel Deshe

At a time when celebrity families like Hiltons, Hearsts and Trumps tend to make headlines for their outlandish antics, the Deshe family is an anomaly – quiet yet professional in every aspect. Brothers Elie, David and Daniel run VFD Marketing out of Miami-Dade which secures endorsements for UFC fighters while managing EDM acts such as The Runners.

The Deshes have recently donated $3 million to EB Research Partnership for medical research into treatments and cures for epidermolysis bullosa (EB).

Early Life and Education

Daniel Deshe was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. He attended the University of South Florida where he joined Sigma Chi fraternity. Since then he has had extensive business involvement, such as ownership/development of residential/retail projects as well as community outreach initiatives and charity work.

In July 2022, he paid $6 Million for a waterfront home located at 4528 Prairie LLC in Miami Beach. Public records confirm this information.

The Deshe Family have long been committed to supporting EB Research Partnership (EBRP), the nation’s premier not-for-profit dedicated to curing epidermolysis bullosa (“EB”) – an incurable skin disorder that affects millions of Americans. Their generosity has allowed EBRP to support some of the world’s most promising scientific research initiatives and speed lifesaving discoveries from university labs into clinical trials.

Professional Career

Although not as well-known as Hiltons, Hearsts or Trumps, Deshes is a remarkable family with a long and successful track record. Their patriarchs founded DSW Shoe Warehouse and American Eagle, among other iconic brands; plus they’re avid Ohio State Buckeye supporters!

“White Shadow,” with its depiction of Central African youth at risk, dreamy stylization and non-native directorial perspective will inevitably draw comparisons to Kim Nguyen’s Oscar-nominated child soldier study “War Witch.” Both films offer intricate social and sensual detail; Deshe’s film stands out with its formal discipline to match its intuitive middle stretch and Bazili’s performance that balances tenderness with resilience – an impelling combination.

Massa family has developed over 10 Residential and 5 Retail projects throughout South Florida. Massa’s 4528 Prairie LLC sold Daniel Deshe a waterfront Miami Beach home for $6 Million according to public records.

Achievement and Honors

The Deshe family’s gifts to EBRP through EBRP are helping fund lifesaving medical advances and accelerate transition of university lab research to clinical trials, so that one day soon there may be an EB cure. They also serve on its Scientific Advisory Board and host an annual event to advance its mission.

Deshe’s debut as a director is often compared to Kim Nguyen’s Oscar-nominated “War Witch”, given its focus on albino child soldiers and dreamy stylization interludes, while its nonlinear, seemingly intuitive middle stretch could benefit from tightening up. Bazili’s tender-tough performance is nonetheless powerfully motivating.

Personal Life

While the Hiltons, Hearsts, and Trumps have long been subject to tabloid scrutiny, the Deshe family have maintained a more modest public presence. Ari Deshe, Daniel’s brother-in-law and co-founder of Safe Auto Insurance Company is involved with several boards while Ann Schottenstein Deshe manages their family foundation, supporting multiple causes through donations made by Ari. Elie, David and Daniel Deshe are each actively involved with their own companies as well.

Deshe Family are deeply committed to curing epidermolysis bullosa (EB), an incurable and potentially life-threatening skin condition. In 2015, they made a generous gift of $3 million to EB Research Partnership (EBRP), funding cutting-edge scientific research at universities worldwide that will eventually develop new therapies and possibly cures for EB. They host an annual event in Miami Beach to raise funds for this cause.

Net Worth

The Deshe family may not boast the same pedigree of Hiltons, Hearsts or Trumps; but their patriarchs established DSW Shoe Warehouse and American Eagle Outfitters respectively. Furthermore, Elie, David and Daniel each co-founded Miami Beach-based enterprises of their own: Elie founded Talent Management that offers endorsements to UFC fighters; David founded VFD Marketing while Daniel runs Vero Water. Finally, all four brothers own non-waterfront home which was recently sold for $8.4 million according to Douglas Elliman agent Devin Kay confirmed this fact with The Real Deal.

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