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2023 Movie Review: Daniel Domin

On February 3rd 2023, Daniel Domin pled guilty to eight counts of stalking. Steamboat Springs police had arrested him on July 13 and during their arrest took possession of 13 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and over 100 loaded magazines that they confiscated during this incident.

Public records reveal that Daniel Domin resides at 5822 Limeport Rd in Emmaus, PA 18049.

Early Life and Education

Riverside-Brookfield High School athletic department will be well taken care of this year, thanks to Tom Domin and Dan Jones serving as co-interim athletic directors. Domin, who served in an interim capacity during Brendan Curtin’s departure for teaching purposes last year, will oversee boys sports while Jones will oversee girls athletics – each will be compensated with $600 daily pay.

Domin was charged with six counts of felony stalking in July after one of his friends reported his behavior as increasingly alarming and making threatening comments, such as toward law enforcement officers, family members and politicians. Police confiscated 13 firearms during Domin’s arrest – four AR-15s, seven handguns and two shotguns plus thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Professional Career

Daniel Domin was arrested on six charges of felony stalking after a friend filed a report for him engaging in “increasingly manic behavior and making increasingly alarming threats.” Domin allegedly threatened politicians and law enforcement, and also made statements suggesting he intended to “slaughter” any officer who attempted to arrest him. Police confiscated 13 firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and over 100 loaded magazines during this arrest.

Domin is currently employed at Quaker Houghton in Emmaus, Pennsylvania as a manager since 2007. According to public records, Domin has lived at eleven different addresses within Pennsylvania since 2007 – you can learn more by using CocoFinder as an online people search tool.

Achievement and Honors

After being arrested by the FBI and held at a CIA black site prison by Hobbs, Dom is happy to meet his former teammates again but states that he will only rejoin their family upon taking out Shaw and Jakande.

Later on, Dominic attends a street race where Letty is participating. Letty asks him to stop by, so he pulls her aside and gives her back her necklace as she expresses sadness that they might never meet again.

Dominic is forced onto a bus that will transport him back to Lompoc; however, Mia, Leo and Rico intervene and break him out of jail while also stealing several cars from a train in Rio and Mr. Nobody’s bunker in Caspian Sea.

Personal Life

Domin was arrested after making threats against family, law enforcement officers and politicians. He reportedly threatened anyone trying to arrest him with “slaughtering.”

Steamboat Springs Police confiscated 13 firearms, over 100,000 rounds of ammunition and more than 100 loaded magazines during Domin’s arrest on July 13. Burlingame stated that Domin’s arsenal presented an extraordinary danger to the community.

On February 3rd he entered into a plea bargain to one count of felony stalking – reduced from 13 counts involving eight victims – and will likely be sentenced to supervised probation with mandatory restraining orders and inpatient therapy treatment as a part of this arrangement.

Domin resides in Emmaus, Pennsylvania and has never been married; therefore he does not have any children of his own. Additionally, Domin is listed as being Catholic.

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