Daniel Firman

Sculptor and Magician Daniel Firman

Daniel Firman creates captivating sculptures to represent abstract concepts like time, balance, weight and action. Mannequins, taxidermied elephants and humans in precarious poses capture gravity’s elusive presence as they raise questions about humanity’s relationship with nature, technology and each other in today’s chaotic society.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Firman seeks movement through his sculptures. Hailing from Lyon and graduating from the School of Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne and Angouleme, Daniel blurs boundaries between sculpture, painting and sound through an experimental continuity that emphasizes his relationship with space.

Grey Matters was Firman’s inaugural large museum survey in Lyon and referenced both neuronal gray matter as well as physical gray matter such as earth as raw material or composite industrial materials. For instance, his 2013 piece Black Icosahedron replicated Rudolf von Laban’s 20-sided geometric form for his Kinesphere (an imaginary space accessible only when all limbs are fully extended), while another piece Nasutamanus (2012) featured an elephant appearing to float suspended only by its trunk evoking both absurdity of gravity as well as transience of bodies in motion. These works evoke both absurdity of gravity as well as transience in motion evoking these concepts through various concepts and mediums of perception.

Professional Career

His art explores physical energy and movement’s interaction with space. He often depicts life-size figures caught mid-motion.

Firman is actively engaged in various community activities. He serves as a board member of Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area and sits on its local government affairs committee, while together with his wife Margo they have created the Daniel Pharmacy Scholarship fund, providing financial aid for Fort Dodge High School and St Edmond High School students pursuing pharmacy as a career.

Additionally, he serves as co-host of both British television show Monkey Magic and series The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe. Additionally, he has written routines for Mr Ball as well as performed in several international theatre tours.

Achievement and Honors

Firman is a French artist best known for his sculptures and installations. Additionally, he is renowned magician who has performed magic shows across television networks. Firman first entered showbiz through Objective Production’s call-out for magicians for its new series Monkey Magic.

He has since appeared on various television programs, such as Stake Out and Wait For It. Additionally, he competed on The Next Great Magician television show as well as performed theatre shows across the UK.

Firman explores the limits of matter by creating works which showcase its physicality by placing anonymous bodies in fragile positions or rotating massive forms on their own axes. His movements are captured in works like Rotomatic (in which a washing machine spins at its own cycle rate), or Je tourne autour de la terre, entre terre et bakelite (where Firman himself spins an inverted potter’s wheel around six large masses of clay).

Personal Life

Firman, a French artist specializing in contemporary sculpture, employs shapes that conjure images from his body or objects such as time or objects he finds humorous. His human-scale plaster sculptures–ranging from twisty shapes to full body casts–explore physical and psychological space boundaries through physical forms of representation and playfulness.

Firman created several human-scale geometric forms based on Rudolf von Laban’s notion of the Kinesphere to depict movement: Black Icosahedron (2013) and Solo (jambes tendues) and Solo (genoux plies), both created in 2013, showcase a body in motion.

Firman’s work shows off his skill at harnessing ephemeral movement into tangible form: Je tourne autour de la terre, entre terre et bakelite (2011) involves rotating himself around six masses of clay. Additionally, Reflex Amsterdam hosted an exhibition called Switch Up which brought together Attitude and Gathering by Firman; its entirety allows us a better glimpse of his practice.

Net Worth

French artist Marc Firman has amassed an estimated net worth of $20 Million at 56 years old. Known for his striking sculptures and installations that are both eye-catching and captivating to look at, his pieces always manage to materialize concepts such as time, equilibrium, weight and action in his pieces. Despite being difficult pieces to produce, they remain testaments of Firman’s perseverance as his pieces successfully materialize such abstract notions as time, equilibrium weight action in them.

His work challenges our understanding of our environment, questioning how sensation (proprioception) interacts with senses such as proprioception. Furthermore, it illustrates our new relationships to objects and social life – his most iconic artwork being his series of dancer and elephant sculptures.

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