Daniel Fleming

Daniel Fleming

Daniel Fleming is an experienced trial lawyer who has litigated more than 100 cases to jury verdict. His practice areas span products liability and mass tort litigation.

Fleming’s counsel’s failure to file the notice of alibi did not amount to negligence, and the trial court did not overstep its discretion by excluding this evidence from consideration. Therefore, his initial assignment of error is overruled.

Early Life and Education

Fleming’s dreams were similar to many urban youth’s: becoming a professional athlete. His ideal was not an NFL or NBA career but professional bowling instead; he began bowling when he was six and kept doing it throughout his childhood, eventually receiving a scholarship to St Rita High School because of it.

Fleming carefully constructed an image that made it difficult to tell apart his real identity from that of James Bond’s fictional alter ego, often posing for author photos with his Beretta pistol and often referring to himself as Bond’s biographer. Additionally, he would often include names from friends or private jokes into his novels as a form of tribute or personalization.

Fleming’s research and writing demonstrate his longstanding dedication to studying ancient Near East languages and civilizations, particularly Mesopotamian cuneiform texts from Mesopotamia and Syria. He has undertaken major projects, such as an interdisciplinary investigation of Israel/the Bible worlds compared with second millennium BCE Syria (Mari and Emar) for example.

Professional Career

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP(r)), Fleming works directly with clients to design, implement and monitor financial plans and investment portfolios that best suit them. His goal is to build long-term relationships and assist his clients in reaching their goals.

He is also an adept litigator, having represented large financial institutions, hedge funds and private equity firms in complex commercial litigation matters. He is widely respected for providing effective yet efficient representation for his clients.

Fleming currently coaches baseball at Averett University. A native of Louisa County, Virginia, he played both collegiately and professionally with the Atlanta Braves organization; his younger brother Kurt also enjoyed minor league baseball career.

Achievement and Honors

Flemming was honored with the Arthur S. Flemming Award by George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration for her exceptional services to the US in areas including applied science and engineering, basic science, leadership and management, legal achievement and social science. These prestigious awards honor exceptional federal employees with three to 15 years of service who have proven themselves outstandingly over time.

In January 2017, Fleming was honored by the Arkansas State Police for his actions during a disturbance call at a DeValls Bluff residence. He responded and confronted an intoxicated individual who had forced their way into a garage, doused himself and the structure in gasoline, then set it ablaze – saving the victim from incurring burns to nearly 40 percent of his body.

Personal Life

Fleming was a loving husband, father, grandfather and uncle whose generosity extended far beyond family relations; his generosity often went out the door when helping those in need – often at his own cost. He enjoyed hiking, travelling and nature. Additionally he was an accomplished carpenter as well as self-taught artist – passionately giving of himself at any cost to ensure others could flourish.

He was a member of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions and traveled as a missionary on furlough to India during the early 1930s. While in India he wrote several books including Ventures in Simpler Living and Ethical Issues Confronting World Christians both published in 1935. Additionally he enjoyed music, reading, painting and was an accomplished musician himself. He leaves his wife and children as well as membership at First Presbyterian Church of Xenia Ohio after his passing away.

Net Worth

Robert Fleming was born into a wealthy family that owned Robert Fleming & Co merchant bank, which his father served in as an MP and then later died during World War I on the Western Front (he died May 17, 1917).

Fleming served with Britain’s Naval Intelligence during World War II and planned Operation Goldeneye, providing him with inspiration and background material for his Bond novels. Casino Royale was released as his debut novel in 1952; since then it has gone on to sell over 100 million copies globally!

James A Fleming reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1 and $3 Million dollars according to insider trading and ownership reports.

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