Daniel Flickinger

Daniel Flickinger

Daniel Flickinger was responsible for designing and manufacturing some of the era’s most groundbreaking music recording consoles, such as his groundbreaking sweeping EQ feature that revolutionized recorded music recordings.

He pioneered modular bar graph illuminated metering systems now found throughout consumer audio products.

He sued King and his firm for defamation, invasion of privacy and tortious interference with business relationships. The Alabama Supreme Court upheld dismissal of these claims but reversed its ruling regarding tortious interference with business relationships.

Early Life and Education

Flickinger was born in Ohio in 1824 to a devoutly Christian family, accepting Christ at an early age and attending church regularly.

In 1849-50, he taught a school term while also working to gain his license as a preacher from Miami Conference.

In 1855, Flickinger set sail on a missionary voyage for Africa with two companions. When they reached Sierra Leone, they opened Shenge Night School as a major training facility for African missionaries. Meanwhile, Flickinger used his writing and publishing as a way of spreading mission information throughout his denomination: writing articles for church periodicals and publishing books relating to missions while also founding and becoming trustee for one of its primary universities.

Professional Career

Dan Flickinger was an enthusiastic motorcycle and plane enthusiast, enjoying flying both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. Additionally, he traveled widely, visiting most countries during his lifetime.

He revolutionized recorded music with his groundbreaking equalization scheme known as “sweepable EQ,” as well as developing an audio control surface concept that is widely utilized today, creating remote-controlled gain devices such as his modular bar graph illuminated metering (which has become ubiquitous) and developing remote gain preamps.

Ferris State University has appointed him in numerous capacities, such as head of developmental education department and associate provost for academic operations, before now taking on his most recent task – serving as interim vice president for student affairs in place of Daniel Burcham who retired after 40 years at FSU.

Achievement and Honors

Flickinger revolutionized recorded music through his invention of a revolutionary equalization scheme and audio control surfaces that are still used today. Furthermore, he invented modular bar graph illuminated metering – now commonplace across consumer audio products.

After his second wife died in August 1854, despite his poor health he continued his work, offering himself as a missionary to Africa on January 4, 1855 – eventually writing up his memoir of being bishop in a later memoir written in 1855.

Flickinger was generous with his own resources in supporting all areas of Church work and was honored to serve as a trustee at Otterbein University. To honor him, the Biology Department established an annual scholarship awarding an upper class major who displays superior scholarship and service in that department.

Personal Life

He lived by the mantra “live to ride, ride to live”. Indulging his passion for motorcycle riding around California coastline during long afternoon rides. Additionally he enjoyed flying his Piper Navajo throughout the nation.

He held multiple patents that continue to have an effect on modern music recording equipment, and his company created some of the most innovative and groundbreaking consoles of its time.

Flickinger filed suit against King and his law firm for defamation, invasion of privacy, and tortious interference with his employment. The Alabama Supreme Court reversed their previous dismissal on this count; finding that Flickinger sufficiently demonstrated how King’s firm knew about Flickinger’s posting and conspired against his employment opportunities.

Net Worth

Flickinger’s company created some of the era’s most influential recording consoles, used by Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Ike Turner’s Bolic Sound, Johnny Cash and Funkadelic among many others. Furthermore, he held several patents on cutting-edge technologies like parametric equalization.

He prefers to keep his personal life private, not divulging much information regarding past relationships and dating histories. At present, however, he is happily living a fulfilling career life with no plans of turning single any time soon.

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