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Artist Bio – Daniel Forcart

Swiss investment manager Daniel Forcart has agreed to pay $19 million for Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue duplex designed by Rosario Candela, reported the Washington Post. Astor spent her final years living there while being guarded by son Anthony Marshall while trying to protect her immense fortune.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Forcart grew up surrounded by diverse artistic traditions. His grandparents were furniture upholsterers from the Citizen Band Potawatomi Nation who introduced him to Native art shows and gave him his first drawing desk; his mother encouraged contemporary artists like Keith Haring; while his father, an Irish biker from California, showed him pinstriping and other forms of graphic art.

After graduating from IAIA, he worked for a commercial sign company where he painted television backdrops and billboards designed by hand – giving him invaluable experience to bring into his monumental works today.

He reportedly fell in love with Rosario Candela’s Upper East Side duplex at 778 Park Avenue and could see himself spending “the rest of his life” there; however, two times, its board has rejected his offers to buy.

Professional Career

Daniel’s artistic journey took an unexpected turn when he joined Kevin Murphy’s class. At first, Daniel was reluctant to follow any rules, fearing it would limit his creativity. Over two years of hard work though, Daniel began to see that following rules wasn’t restrictive but rather enhanced his creativity.

He also learned to pay close attention to every detail and nuance in each painting, becoming adept at paying meticulous attention to details and subtleties in every work of art he produced. One of his more significant commissions was an image of King David from the Bible which required extensive research on clothing, architecture and historical context for an accurate portrait.

Daniel currently works in Gwinnett office of our firm and specializes in assurance and attestation engagements. He takes great pleasure in building relationships with his clients, colleagues and prospects.

Personal Life

His personal life remains private, yet he continues to write prolifically about how music is an essential component of civilisation and has given numerous Reith Lectures for BBC on cultural and political matters.

Highlights of his 2020-2021 season included concerts with the Staatskapelle Berlin, Beethoven piano trios featuring Michael Barenboim and Kian Soltani as well as receiving the Rheingau Music Prize for cultural education and international integration through his West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.

He currently resides in an elegant Upper East Side duplex designed by Rosario Candela that boasts fourteen rooms, an elevator, East and South exposures and East/South exposures. According to sources, he immediately fell in love with the space and could envision spending “the rest of his life” there.

Net Worth

Daniel Seavey amasses a net worth of $2 Million thanks to his music career. A member of Why Don’t We, with over 2M followers on Instagram. Starting his musical journey early with art walks around Portland where his father took him performing as part of their family trip, Daniel got into music early and has enjoyed it ever since.

Daniel Forcart, a Swiss investment manager, is expected to purchase Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue duplex for approximately $19 million, according to sources at Page Six. Designed by Rosario Candela and boasting fourteen rooms on both East and South exposures.

Anthony Marshall held Astor captive there as he attempted to seize her fortune and Forcart was attracted by its “fantastic architecture and timeless design”, ultimately making it his own property.

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