Daniel Fortus

A Look at Daniel Fortus

Early Life and Education

Fortus has established himself as a sought-after session guitarist, recording for Rihanna, Pink and NSYNC among many others. He has performed worldwide arena tours with Enrique Iglesias as well as providing scores for movies. Not to forget his health-focused lifestyle which sees him running between 5-20 miles daily as well as working tirelessly all day long!

Pale Divine was formed by Fortus and fellow VPA graduate Michael Schaerer in 1992, quickly garnering fans on the Midwest college circuit as well as Kennedy’s on the Landing. Opening for Psychedelic Furs–whom Fortus has followed since witnessing them at Checkerdome as a teenager–they went on a number of major tours; one will include Busch Stadium this coming May!

Professional Career

He was one of those rare copy editors who truly improved writers, rather than simply making their lives easier. He could identify writer weaknesses quickly and apply his physician-like philosophy of first, do no harm.

Fortis Benefit Services’ Property and Construction Director brings over 18 years of expertise working for leading developers and ASX-listed companies to deliver multi-residential, commercial and mixed use projects throughout south east Queensland. He understands that successful development projects depend on effective collaboration among all partners involved.

Claudia holds a Bachelor of Property Economics with an emphasis in Town Planning and works on various residential and commercial developments across Melbourne. Working closely with her team to secure new sites while providing superior development experiences for purchasers.

Personal Life

Fortus is an avid runner, covering between 5-20 miles daily. Additionally, he’s been known as an overworked workaholic over decades; producing for artists such as Deadmau5 and Kaskade.

Fortus gained prominence during the late 1960s for his portrayal of Harpo Marx in the Broadway musical Minnie’s Boys at Imperial Theatre from March through May 1970, running 64 performances there and appearing as himself on two episodes of CBS sitcom The Red Skelton Hour as Harpo himself.

Pale Divine became widely recognized for their dark, goth-y live shows laced with fog and reverb. Singer Michael Schaerer became well-known for striking Jim Morrison-inspired poses while touring America, opening for bands like Psychedelic Furs.

Net Worth

At 5 feet 8 inches, he hails from Great Barr, Birmingham with Jamaican descent. As a teenager he enjoyed reading fantasy novels and playing basketball until reaching 18 years of age.

He has earned himself a considerable sum through various projects that demonstrate his acting talent. After making his debut in 2014, he has made appearances in many films and TV shows such as Murdered by My Boyfriend, Blood Cells, Prime Suspect 1973, No Offense and Prey – making a nice living!

Bassist of Guns N’ Roses and has become extremely wealthy due to his career. Touring around the globe and producing many albums.

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