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Daniel Freudenthal is an established speaker in the insurance, commercial real estate, and risk management industries. His companies provide flood risk consulting services for property owners and investors nationwide.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Freudenthal was born in Newport, Lincoln County Oregon in March 1948 and passed away October 2002. He completed his undergraduate studies at University of California Berkeley before receiving his Ph.D from University of Liverpool for research on cognitive processes pertaining to language acquisition, including computational simulations of speech and language processing such as MOSAIC; also investigating finiteness marking in child speech acquisition processes. Freudenthal was an active member of International Centre for Language and Communicative Development.

Professional Career

He holds an appointment as Professor at University of Oregon. Over his professional career he has published many papers. Notable among these include:

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Achievement and Honors

Freudenthal achieved many accomplishments during his lifetime, such as studying the relationship between axiomatic mathematics and reality, contributing to intuitionism’s development, and working on Lincos (universal language for cosmic interaction). Furthermore, Freudenthal made extensive publications in mathematical education through books, papers and lectures related to its study.

He received many honors and awards for his research, with several books of his winning literary prizes without disclosing that they were written under a pseudonym.

As a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences from 1974 to 1979, he received their Hans Freudenthal Award for developing an innovative research program with lasting effects.

Personal Life

Freudenthal was one of the founding members of both SETI and METI projects, participating in several early schemes for communicating with extraterrestrial life forms. He advocated for developing a language capable of interrogating aliens.

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At least seven group shows, with his first verified showing being “Von der Ungleichheit des Anfallen in der Kunst at Kunstverein Unna in 1983”, were organized. Additionally, two art fairs and solo exhibits in Germany and Hungary took place as well.

Net Worth

Freudenthal is well known in computer science circles, but he is also an accomplished businessperson and investor with several businesses ranging from software development, publishing and media to public records search in your local area. Public records searches provide many details about a person such as education history, employment records and even criminal record data – they can even reveal location and contact info. To get more insight into Daniel Freudenthal try conducting a public records search of his full name or using address search to access more details.

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