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ESP Presents Daniel Freyberg As the Newest Member of Children of Bodom

ESP is delighted to welcome heavy metal guitarist Daniel Freyberg as the newest member of Children of Bodom. Freyberg is best known for his precise riffs and fast soloing as guitarist for Finnish melodic death metal band Naildown as well as being lead guitarist of Norther.

He graduated with honors from Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law with distinction and has represented hundreds of men and women in Family Law matters.

Early Life and Education

Once he graduated high school, Daniel began work as a counselor in a halfway house for juvenile offenders. Subsequently, he took up employment at Roanoke’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court where his professional duties included drafting pleadings on matters such as detention/release of juveniles; child abuse/neglect cases; protective orders issued.

He then moved to Ada, Ohio with his wife and two elementary-aged children where he enrolled at Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law.

Alexi Laiho had just started out his new band Bodom After Midnight after leaving Children of Bodom when he unexpectedly passed away in December 2020. Co-guitarist Daniel Freyberg spoke to ESP about working alongside such an accomplished guitarist on their posthumous release Paint the Sky With Blood.

Professional Career

Daniel Freyberg is a heavy metal guitarist. He serves as lead guitarist of Naildown and rhythm guitarist of Children of Bodom as well as being former guitarist for Norther.

Since 2019’s demise of C.O.B, he has also played in other Finnish bands such as Bodom After Midnight (formed with vocalist Alexi Laiho post C.O.B).

Over his 17-year career with the J & DR court, Mr. Thomas provided various professional services. These included drafting pleadings in juvenile criminal, family court and child abuse and neglect cases; serving as juvenile diversion counselor/crisis family counselor/intake officer as well as being appointed dependency general magistrate for decisions about detention of juveniles as well as custody for abused children.

Achievement and Honors

Freyberg was an exemplary New Zealand general, using techniques refined at Gallipoli that were refined further for use at Flanders and North Africa before finally Italy. A strong leader, Freyberg was the sole New Zealand general to achieve victory in all three campaigns he led his troops through.

In 1918 he received the Distinguished Service Order for swimming to shore at Bulair (Bolayir) during the initial Dardanelles landings, lighting flares to divert Turkish attention away from his main landing zone and lighting flares to distract Turkish attention from main landing. Additionally he was mentioned several times in dispatches, as well as being wounded nine times himself.

Returning to England, he received a regular commission in the Grenadier Guards and served at Staff College throughout 1919. On 14 June 1922 he married Barbara McLaren – daughter of Sir Herbert Jekyll and widow of Francis McLaren.

Personal Life

Freyberg has distinguished himself through both his musical career and active participation in his community. He served as crisis family counselor, director of a halfway house for juvenile offenders and intake officer at Roanoke’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

He joined Children of Bodom as their new guitarist in 2015, replacing former guitarist Roope Latvala. Additionally, he is well known for forming Finnish melodic metal band Naildown in 2007 which he later rejoined Children of Bodom as guitarist Roope Latvala had left behind.

In 2019, Alexi Laiho co-founded Bodom After Midnight alongside drummer Waltteri Vayrynen (Paradise Lost) and bassist Mitja Toivonen (ex-Santa Cruz). They played several shows before Alexi Laiho died suddenly on December 29, 2021; shortly before this, the group recorded a video for Paint the Sky with Blood song.

Net Worth

Daniel Freyberg has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million. He currently serves as both guitarist and vocalist of Naildown as well as being a former member of Norther. Freyberg hails from Sweden where he was born February 4th 1982.

At Wake Forest University, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education, before serving as director of a halfway house for juvenile offenders. Following early retirement from Virginia courts and moving with his family to Ada, Ohio with their wife and children, he enrolled at Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law – graduating with distinction.

ESP is proud to count Daniel Freyberg among our roster, joining Alexi Laiho and Henkka T. Blacksmith among others. With his precise riffs and lightning fast soloing style, Daniel makes for an invaluable member of any band.

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