Daniel Gava

Daniel Gava – Brand Strategy Advisor

Daniel Gava is a London-based board advisor with more than two decades of experience in the design industry. He has held primary positions within marketing, public relations and sales departments of well-known international high-end furniture manufacturers; furthermore he advocates for creativity and design culture development within London city limits.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gava first encountered the Bible through family and church members who stressed its teachings of love and peace through Jesus. Through international experiences such as studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain – his passion for scripture deepened even further!

Daniel Gava is a board advisor and design patron to many international high-end furniture manufacturers. Additionally, he serves on the Design Museum’s advisory council and as an ambassador for London School of Architecture’s architecture department. Daniel currently acts as an independent board adviser helping top companies and designers expand their brands and businesses based out of London – speaking French, English and Spanish fluently and an avid traveller who also enjoys many sports activities.

Professional Career

Daniel Gava is a brand strategy advisor specializing in helping design companies remain relevant in the industry and stay ahead of competitors. With over twenty years of experience working for well-known high-end furniture manufacturers across Europe and America, including positions within marketing, PR, sales departments; Daniel has an impeccable track record as an advisor.

He has served on several company boards of directors and served as head of their marketing departments, in addition to writing extensively about design and furniture industry trends.

He has published numerous books and articles, as well as participating in TV programs and debates related to design. Furthermore, he has delivered presentations at conferences and seminars about its future development.

Achievement and Honors

He is an integral part of London’s design scene and has collaborated on many notable projects with notable brands like Minotti, Moroso and Poltrona Frau. Additionally, he serves as Design Patron of the Design Museum and an ambassador of London School of Architecture; an enthusiastic supporter of future generations that await them and great relationship builder himself; who finds so much hope for tomorrow in them all.

Personal Life

Daniel Gava is both a loving father and husband, as he and Dorita Olmo regularly post pictures of their sons playing sports on social media, supporting their participation. Dorita Olmo also frequently shares photos of her pets through her Instagram account.

Gava serves on the boards of advisors for several leading furniture brands like Moroso, Virgin Galatic and Poltrona Frau. Additionally, he serves as design patron of London’s Design Museum.

He is an expert in the design industry with experience providing brand strategy consulting for high-end international manufacturers. Furthermore, he has worked on creating various projects including furniture designs for interior and exterior spaces for various clients worldwide.

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