Daniel Gaynor

Daniel Gaynor

Daniel Gaynor is an author who specializes in speeches, congressional testimonies and opinion pieces related to national policy. Additionally, he serves as a Fellow with the Truman Project.

He specializes in applying industrial organization theory and computer modeling techniques to analyze competition issues arising in mergers or private antitrust investigations, having provided and supported testimony on this matter in various industries such as aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, health care, metals, paper, pharmaceuticals, software and telecommunications.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Gaynor lived a wonderful and rewarding life, cherishing every moment with his loved ones and always finding ways to have fun – especially travel and laughing out loud! At 82, Daniel passed peacefully at home surrounded by family.

Gaynor earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in political science from Brooklyn College, as well as a master’s in business administration from Baruch College – CUNY. Since then, he has worked on competition and antitrust matters across a range of industries such as metals, paper, software, electronics and oil and gas.

As well as his law practice, Mr. Haggerty also serves as an international affairs writer and editor at the Truman National Security Project. He has produced speeches, congressional testimonies, opinion pieces and policy articles as well as taught and lectured extensively on international relations and national security topics.

Professional Career

Daniel Gaynor has maintained an ambitious list of life goals since high school, and many of them have come true. Most recently, his most notable success has been founding bebeautiful.com which now generates $5.1 Million annually in sales.

He is an expert economist with experience at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), having handled antitrust investigations involving mergers, horizontal and vertical restraints and valuation matters related to intellectual property or complex financial instruments.

David lives in Newton with his wife and baby daughter, where he seeks to make the city more sustainable through smart development and stronger schools. His policy platform centers around three main points: smarter development, stronger schools, and sustainable innovation.

Achievement and Honors

Irish criminal Patrick O’Toole was known for his violent nature and was charged with his first serious offence at age 19. He shot a bullet through a window of someone whom he believed had stolen his money; furthermore, he threatened her and intimidated witnesses involved in the case.

Dunstan has been involved with many projects and activities within the industry, such as research work on truck mixer studies and contributions to the P2P steering committee. He has noted that serving on NRMCA’s RES Committee was particularly rewarding.

He lived in Metro Detroit with his wife and two children for over 20 years, inspiring laughter through his humorous jokes and showing great passion for life.

Personal Life

Gaynor was filled with passion and laughter. He enjoyed playing cards, traveling and spending time with his family; in addition to serving as a digital film instructor at the Centre for Arts and Technology as well as an editor on Trailer Park Boys series.

He was well known to gardai and had several convictions, using his name in some of his crimes.

At point blank range on St Helena’s Road in Vancouver, a career criminal was shot dead while standing before his partner and two children. His assassin had previously served time in jail and knew his address; at first the gun jammed, giving the father-of-two time to escape death; however, soon enough the determined assassin unjammed it and gave the killing shot that brought about his demise.

Net Worth

As of 2023, his estimated net worth is an estimated $20.9 Million Dollars. A significant portion of his wealth derives from professional singing income; additionally he has made 51 trades of MRVL stock since 2011 and exercised 4,751 units on 15 July 2023.

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