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Dan Geyser

Dan Geyser is one of the nation’s premier Supreme Court and appellate lawyers, specializing in complex, high-stakes appeals before both state courts and SCOTUS. To date he has argued thirteen cases before the Court (four during one Term alone!) as well as leading state court appeals.

Prior to joining his current firm, Mr. Williams held both solo practice and appellate partner positions at nationally acclaimed firms. He has represented clients before every major federal circuit and excels at handling appeals during rehearing stages.

Early Life and Education

After graduating from Stanford with honors and distinction, Geyser completed his law degree at Harvard Law School where he held numerous leadership roles including notes chair of the law review, best brief winner and member of the moot court championship team. Additionally he was honored with being honored as both a Walter Channing Cabot Fellow and William Julius Wilson Early Career Scholar awards.

Geyser has successfully represented clients before the Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals in high-stakes litigation cases, such as successfully arguing at the rehearing stage. He has filed numerous briefs at Fifth, Eighth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits as well as having extensive experience in state appellate law.

Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser attempted to murder Payton Leutner on May 31, 2014. They intended to appease Slender Man, whom they believed allowed them to reside in Yellowstone.

Professional Career

Geyser has distinguished himself during his 18-year legal career by appearing before the Supreme Court thirteen times (more than any other Texas lawyer), winning major victories which many industry experts said would never come. In addition, he has successfully handled high-stakes matters before federal courts of appeals nationwide while briefing many circuits.

Prior to joining ADJ, he successfully developed his own award-winning Supreme Court and appellate practice; led a prominent litigation boutique’s appellate department to make National Law Journal’s “Appellate Hot List,” and gained national ranking status through Chambers USA; and worked at one of America’s premier litigation firms as an appellate partner developing their group while handling complex patent appeals and bankruptcy cases.

Dan has also served four years with the Office of the Solicitor General of Texas, overseeing and conducting appellate litigation on its behalf.

Achievement and Honors

Dan Geyser is an esteemed expert in constitutional law and appellate practice. As Chair of Anderson Dubose Jefferson’s U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Appellate Practice, he oversees complex cases at all levels of federal court. Law360 recently honored Dan as one of their “Appellate MVPs.”

Dan graduated Phi Beta Kappa with distinction from Stanford University and earned his law degree at Harvard Law School, serving as Notes Editor of the Harvard Law Review and on its moot court team. While at Harvard he clerked for Honorable Alex Kozinski on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Dan has always enjoyed being outside and spends his summers exploring Wyoming’s national parks as part of his upbringing. Dan attributes their sense of adventure to growing up near them.

Personal Life

Stanford University honors Geyser with Phi Beta Kappa status and Harvard Law School distinguished his degree with distinction – in both cases earning a Phi Beta Kappa distinction award – before going on to obtain his law degree with distinction and honors respectively from both schools. Geyser clerked for Justice Alex Kozinski of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit as an Honors graduate of their moot court competitions.

Dan is often sought out by his peers to handle high-stakes appellate cases before both federal and state courts of appeals, both federal (the Supreme Court), state (courts of appeals), as well as before federal (Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth (including its en banc court), Seventh and Eleventh circuits).

As chair of his firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and Appellate Practice, Geyser represents clients in high-stakes appeal litigation nationwide. In 2022 alone, he persuaded the Supreme Court to grant review in three cases–an impressive feat only few other lawyers can boast about.

Net Worth

Daniel Geyser is an investor and lawyer. He co-founded Big Geyser Inc, which distributes beverages such as juices, teas, water and nutritional soft drinks. Geyser serves as managing partner of Geyser Holdings Investment Firm while Rainmaker Films was established with him as its managing partner – producing films while financing them at the same time.

Prior to joining Anderson Dubose Jefferson, Geyser built an award-winning appellate practice of his own; served as appellate chair at a prominent litigation boutique (lead them onto National Law Journal’s “Appellate Hot List” and national appellate ranking in Chambers USA); and led an award-winning appellate practice while working at one of America’s premier litigation firms while expanding their appellate practice with particular attention on patent appeals and bankruptcy cases.

Geyser has appeared before the Supreme Court seven times and briefed many high-stakes cases before various U.S. Courts of Appeals such as Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth (including an en banc court ), Ninth and Eleventh Circuits as well as various federal appellate courts – handling landmark matters related to securities, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, class actions and False Claims Act issues in diverse areas such as securities trading.

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