Daniel Glynn

Daniel Glynn

Daniel Glynn was an devoted husband and father to his two daughters Kelly and Shannon. He enjoyed leading an uncomplicated lifestyle of spending time with his loved ones, enjoying Minnesota golf whenever the weather permitted, and driving around town knowing all its back roads.

He specialized in geotechnical design and value engineering for large civil infrastructure projects. Additionally, he was involved with renewable energy initiatives.

Early Life and Education

Glynn was raised in Janesville, Wisconsin where he attended high school. Afterward, he went on to graduate from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Physical Education/Sport Management while also acting as student equipment manager for their football team during his undergraduate experience.

After World War II, he resumed academic life at Cambridge, becoming Disney Professor of Archaeology in 1974 and editor of Antiquity from 1958 to 1985. Additionally, he frequently appeared on television programs including Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? as an expert guest judge.

He was an avid reader and researcher, maintaining an acute mind until his last days. Grateful for family, companions, and moving to Jacksonville Florida in 2021 as his health issues worsened; living near daughters.

Professional Career

Daniel Glynn specializes in complex commercial litigation. A member of the Idaho State Bar Association, Daniel is authorized to appear before all courts within Idaho as well as before the U.S. District Court for Idaho.

He has extensive experience in mechanic lien litigation, title insurance defense and general business disputes. Additionally, his practice encompasses employment law issues including wage claims and discrimination issues.

Additionally, he has directed several feature films. Most notably is In the Shadows, an award-winning documentary which follows Jairo, a Mexican immigrant working on dairy farms in northeastern Colorado to support his family back home in Mexico. This work and research took him across Mexico, US border towns, rural communities throughout America as well as Colorado.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Glynn was an accomplished oboist from Wisconsin. He served as a member of both the Rockford Symphony Orchestra and was honored with two fellowship awards: Mericos Foundation Oboe Fellowship and Bowers Noyce Oboe Fellowship.

Ad Hoc Films was established with Mat Hodgson in 2005, and since then they have raised funds for several films – among them Eric Cantona’s “The United Way”, (2021), which chronicles Manchester United from its establishment through their historic Treble win of 1999.

He has amassed the knowledge and expertise to assist corporate and individual clients with resolving disputes before litigation becomes necessary, saving time and expense by representing his clients in various complex commercial cases.

Personal Life

Glynn is an accomplished family man and proud parent to Insung and Ava. As a musician he plays second oboe in the Rockford Symphony Orchestra; having won several competitions including Union League, Civic Arts Foundation competitions as well as Mericos Foundation Full Fellowship Fellowship and Bowers Noyce Oboe Fellowship awards.

He is also an accomplished filmmaker, producing numerous documentaries and feature films, most recently directing ‘I Am Duran’ which premiered in 2019 featuring Roberto Duran alongside Don King, Bob Arum, Sylvester Stallone and Mike Tyson.

He is also a member of the Idaho State Bar Association and admitted to practice before all courts within Idaho as well as before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. According to public records, he currently resides at 1140 Pleasant Ln in Glenview Illinois 60025.

Net Worth

Glynn’s practice includes all levels of commercial litigation, from mechanic lien litigation and title insurance defense, through general business disputes to complex litigation. He is adept at representing and advising clients regarding non-compete agreements, trade secret protection and various employment related issues.

He is an active member of the Idaho State Bar Association and can practice before all courts of Idaho as well as before the U.S. District Court for Idaho.

Eugene Glynn maintains his private life privately. We will soon provide information regarding his net worth, height, body measurements and relationship status as well as any new updates about Eugene. So stay tuned!

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