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Dan Goggin, a Psychiatrist, Has Passed Away

Dan was an active member of St. Margaret Mary Church in Neenah for many years and served as weekday sacristan and lector. Additionally, he provided master of ceremonies services at two Father-Son parish dinners as well as one new pastor welcome event.

Park Ranger Daniel Goggin’s knowledge and experience with emergency medical incidents enabled him to save the life of one of his colleagues at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, earning him the Lifesaver Award.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Goggin was a legendary Irish character born during a difficult birth that left scars across his face and lips – leading one unfavorable nursery observer to proclaim, he “couldn’t make it”. However, Daniel would go on to graduate Oshkosh High School and St Norbert College with distinction.

He was an ardent Green Bay Packers supporter, installing a copper wire radio antenna across his roof despite an innate fear of heights in 1946 to better receive Russ Winnie’s play-by-play on WTMJ, then climbing City Stadium’s wooden fence in 1967 for the Ice Bowl matchup.

He completed over 60 ultramarathons and served in the US Navy SEAL training program as well as being an Army Ranger and Air Force tactical air controller.

Professional Career

Psychiatrists are medical specialists specializing in diagnosing and treating mental illness. Using medications, psychotherapy and other forms of therapy to provide care, they typically combine these approaches in treating patients. Antidepressant or mood stabilizer medications may also be prescribed if necessary.

Park Ranger Dan Goggin is an invaluable asset to Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park thanks to his knowledge and expertise in emergency medical situations. Recently, he saved the life of one of his fellow park employees by quickly recognising they were having a heart attack and acting quickly enough.

Goggin began his musical career as a classical countertenor. Later he transitioned to writing, scoring two off-Broadway musicals as well as Legend on Broadway and two revues. Additionally he wrote both book and music for Nunsense which won four Outer Critics Circle Awards.

Achievement and Honors

Goggins is a former Navy SEAL and the only member of the United States Armed Forces who completed all three aspects of SEAL training (two Hell Weeks, Army Ranger School and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training). Additionally, he completed over 60 ultra-marathons and triathlons while holding onto several Guinness World Records for pull-ups; making him an in-demand motivational speaker.

After graduating basic training, Goggins was sent to BUD/S, widely considered one of the toughest military training regimens. On his initial attempt he successfully navigated “Hell Week”, only to fracture his kneecap during “Day 1 Week 1.” On his third try around however he returned and completed BUD/S with flying colors; later going on to earn his Navy SEAL Trident and speak at thousands of students, sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies around the country.

Personal Life

Goggin was an accomplished ultra-distance runner, having completed over seventy ultra-distance races and winning many. Additionally, he was an in-demand public speaker widely recognized for his approach to controlling one’s mind.

He was an avid student and reader of World War II history, especially D-Day Normandy landings and subsequent European campaigns that led to victory. He often presented slide shows based on his travels around battlefields as well as extensive research.

He was an ardent Green Bay Packers supporter who strung a copper wire antenna across his roof despite his fear of heights to get Russ Winnie’s play-by-play of Packer games on WTMJ radio station. Together with his wife Yenny, they raised six children. Today he is survived by sons-in-law, grandchildren and step grandchildren.

Net Worth

Over 24 extraordinary years, he practiced law primarily in Neenah and built up an exceptional clientele. Additionally, he served on both the city council and county bench.

Financial advisor for BNP Paribas Sec. Corp and Oppenheimer & Co. Inc, currently living at 36 Wycliffe Rd East Walpole Massachusetts 02032.

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