Daniel Good

The Life of Daniel Good

Daniel Good was an extremely wealthy individual. He established a chain of five and ten cent stores in Chicago which he eventually combined with those created in Buffalo by Seymour H. Knox to form one massive operation; upon his death at his Crescent Beach summer home he left an estate worth more than one million dollars.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Good was born and raised in London, England and became an accomplished businessman. A staunch proponent of equal opportunity for all and especially dedicated to helping children with special needs. Furthermore, Daniel championed racial equality and advocated for civil rights.

He was an active and faithful member of Lloyd’s Memorial Congregational Church and held positions on both deacon boards and trustee boards at different times. Additionally, he was an ardent supporter of Michigan Avenue YMCA as well as ACT-SO, an academic achievement program for young people.

Daniel’s devotion to education and community service led him to join the Coral Springs school board as an active member. His strong influence could be felt both among students and parents throughout Coral Springs; in addition, he played an essential part in helping create and establish a new charter school, working hard to ensure it would succeed.

Professional Career

Daniel brings more than three decades of experience to various companies’ compliance, ethics, and legal departments, where he has excelled at driving transformation through collaboration and leadership.

As an undergraduate student he pursued premed studies but switched tracks due to family circumstances, opting instead to double major in finance and operations supply chain management before embarking on his Wall Street career.

He later transitioned to the food industry, working at raw poultry deboning/processing establishments as well as market research and analysis firms, consumer safety inspection, overseeing poultry slaughter facilities and voluntary export plants, consumer safety inspector and overseeing consumer safety inspectors. He currently oversees two poultry slaughter facilities and voluntary export plants where he oversees challenges and opportunities within both. In his free time he volunteers his services coaching with local YMCA programs.

Achievement and Honors

Good earned a perfect 4.0 GPA at Owendale-Gagetown High School and was honored to receive its valedictorian title. A member of National Honor Society, Good participated in football, basketball and baseball throughout his time there – also volunteering his services at blood drives sponsored by NHS, Lions’ Club pancake breakfasts as well as Owendale Fun Fair events.

His membership of the Honors program, designed to enrich college experiences for high-achievers by offering them honor courses, faculty mentoring and research opportunities as well as outstanding speakers, cultural outings to top NYC destinations and leadership workshops, was another source of pride and distinction for him.

NASA Mission Patch Design competition and his design was flown into space during SSEP Mission 4 as a prize. He served on both yearbook committee and student council during both of his freshman and sophomore years.

Personal Life

Daniel Good is a retired securities trader from Chicago’s Warburg Paribas Becker firm who currently resides in Veneta, Oregon. As well as being the author of several poetry collections and receiving many honors and awards such as Margery Davis Boyden Wilderness Writing Residency and Wallace Stegner Fellowships he also holds several literary awards from Oregon universities and organizations.

As Daniel walks to his grandma’s house wearing his blue overalls, his neighbors greet him with “Have a good day!” His grandmother loves clear skies and kite flying; her gardener mentions bees and birthdays; while his bus driver mentions pleases and thank yous as ways people make each day enjoyable. Daniel and his fellow overall-wearers marvel at all these different perspectives on making an enjoyable day for themselves and for others alike.

Net Worth

Daniel has amassed an estimated net worth of over $10 Million thanks to his acting career. He has appeared in films such as Light Speed, Immortally Yours and The Young and Restless as well as numerous theatre productions such as National Theatre Live, Enterprice and A Discovery of Witches.

He won several races during his Formula One career, such as the Malaysian and Monaco Grand Prixs as well as 2014 Canadian Grand Prix victory and was often on the podium before leaving Red Bull Racing to join Renault Racing in 2019.

He boasts an impressive car collection that includes an Aston Martin Vanquish S and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in black. Philanthropically, he supports children’s hospice Demelza – which he describes as being close to his heart.

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