Daniel Hanka

Daniel Hanka – A Skier With a Unique Story

Daniel Hanka, an expert skier from Europe, has had an unconventional journey shaped by both tragedy and incredible skiing performances. His passions include music and driving his 1968 Wildcat muscle car through Europe’s narrow streets.

As soon as COVID restrictions were lifted, he headed out to Snowpark Zermatt to do some summer shredding and made this edit that won fan favorite and an EUR2000 prize.

Early Life and Education

As a teenager, Daniel Hanka experienced his life turn upside-down after losing both parents in an automobile accident and being raised solely by his mother. Family life became very trying and funds became limited – Daniel turned to skiing as an escape and solace from life’s difficulties.

Daniel gained insight into Goa’uld language thanks to Teal’c, using it to assist SG-1 against Goa’uld on Abydos and learn more about his father – ultimately finding ways around its curse.

Last week Hanka released edits from its inaugural Danihell Hanka Invitational held March 2022 in Destne, Czechia. Twelve unique skiers representing all aspects of freeski gathered at Hanka’s home mountain park for an action-packed week of no rules skiing.

Professional Career

Hanka has an extraordinary story that is the embodiment of tragedy, determination and luck. After losing his father at an early age, skiing became his escape and helped him cope during times of hardship.

Hanka has built his reputation as a creative park skier who excels at thrilling rail tricks and unbelievable grabs. Even after COVID lockdown shortened his spring skiing season, he managed to head over to Switzerland’s Snowpark Zermatt for summer shred sessions and compile this edit.

He loves music and driving his 1968 Wildcat muscle car through Europe’s narrow streets – don’t hesitate to give this guy a listen; he has a fascinating tale to share. Check it out; it won’t disappoint you. He is truly one of a kind!

Achievement and Honors

Eirik Saeteroy, Ollila and Hanka from Faction team athletes hit Destne v Orlickych horach in 2022 for a ride at Destne v Orlickych horach. Their footage included Hanka’s signature switch 3 to Hall Gremaud Mathilde’s breathtaking stunts – making this video worth pausing, rewinding and watching again to witness these athletes at work on the slopes of Destne.

Daniel as an Ascended Being was often depicted by glowing energy forms; however, his form could also appear tangible to those on Earth. Daniel developed a distinct, deadpan sense of humor and became close with Teal’c; both shared an enemy in Apophis; Daniel also became an accomplished translator and linguist, receiving recognition with the Distinguished Service Medal for his contributions to society.

Personal Life

Daniel may be known for his harsh and dry sense of humor, yet he remains fiercely loyal to his friends. Daniel became close with Teal’c, who served as his host in the Goa’uld system; although Teal’c was responsible for Sha’re’s death, Daniel managed to forgive him with help from Sha’re herself who helped him see that it was necessary.

Daniel met Shifu during his mission to Abydos. Shifu revealed Goa’uld genetic knowledge but informed Daniel that Oma Desala had taught him to forget it. With Shifu’s help, Daniel and AR-1 were able to locate Asgard outposts on Pegasus and eventually rediscover Aiden Ford.

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