Daniel Himes

Profile of Daniel Himes, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Convene

Daniel Himes is an outstanding high school student with a perfect effort and conduct grade point average and college-level classes. Additionally, he enjoys participating in extracurricular activities like soccer, tutoring at his writing center tutoring session at school digital newspaper staff as well as Academic World Quest competition team competition team competition.

Dr. Daniel Himes is a Nashville, TN emergency medicine specialist with over 27 years of experience. He graduated from SOUTHWEST COLLEGE OF NATUROPATHIC MEDICINEHEALTH SCIENCES in 1995 and earned a medical degree.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Himes was born May 24th 1795 near Bonsacks Station in Roanoke Botetourt County to Daniel Himes Sr and Mary Wrightsman and had eight brothers and sisters.

Daniel began at Milton Hershey School as a sophomore, taking Honors- and AP-level courses that challenged him, maintaining an overall 99% numeric grade point average throughout high school.

Volunteered as a writing tutor, an active member of National Honor Society and soccer team player at MHS. One of 11 MHS students working alongside Hershey Entertainment & Resorts for hands-on engineering design experience; earned distinguished honor roll status every marking period with a perfect 4.0 effort and conduct GPA; first in his family to graduate high school.

Professional Career

Convene’s senior product marketing manager oversees programs that drive awareness and revenue growth of physical and virtual meeting solutions from Convene. Prior to that he held positions in real estate and finance.

Since enrolling at Milton Hershey School in 2017, he has taken honors-, AP-, and college-level courses. In addition to playing soccer for Milton Hershey School he serves on its digital newspaper staff and Academic World Quest competition team; has interned at construction management firm Whiting & Turner; participated in MHS Global Education programs international trip to Costa Rica; interned at construction firm Whiting & Turner and interned for Whiting & Turner; interned for construction management firm Whiting & Turner; interned at construction management firm Whiting & Turner while interning at construction management firm Whiting & Turner; participated in construction management firm Whiting & Turner’s Global Education program.

Himes defeated Republican Congressman Chris Shays after 10 terms in 2008 by winning Bridgeport with 81% of the votes cast and garnering more than double his share elsewhere in his district. Though Shays earned more votes overall, Himes’ success could largely be attributed to Bridgeport.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel has excelled at high school since enrolling as a sophomore. In addition to taking honors- and AP-level classes, he has taken part in soccer, tutored Writing Center students, served on digital newspaper staffs and Academic World Quest teams, tutored Writing Center tutors and is part of National Honor Society.

Himes and Taylor Bronson, two sophomore honors students who are part of Honors Helping Future Scholars (HHFS), have created an innovative tutoring program called Honors Helping Future Scholars that pairs local children virtually for tutoring sessions. They designed this initiative, recruited volunteers, coordinated with schools, and established an online platform that connects dozens of pupils.

Himes returns to the National Council of Honors College Conference, this time as an invited presenter alongside Lexi Rager and Mollie Hartup to present on “Home Is Where the Heart Is: Building Honors Families Through Kindness and Care”. After Rice University he plans on majoring in applied mathematics.

Personal Life

Himes has served the Army Corps of Engineers for close to a decade in Hawaii, Louisiana and Iraq; now returning to Omaha District where he previously worked.

Jackson’s well-written biography provides an insightful portrait of Himes’ internal conflicts without diminishing any of his many dimensions. Furthermore, one feels Himes’ anger viscerally; something other authors do not do as effectively – which may arise in anyone viewed as less-than-fully human.

Daniel began attending Milton Hershey School as a sophomore in 2017 and took advantage of its rigorous course load by enrolling in both honors- and AP-level classes, serving on its digital newspaper staff and Academic World Quest competition team, interning at Whiting & Turner construction management firm and contributing to MHS’s Hersheypark expansion through Career and Technical Education program.

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