Daniel Himmelstein

Bio of Daniel Himmelstein

Daniel Himmelstein is an esteemed data scientist dedicated to making science more open. He is well known for his innovative use of Hetnets (networks with multiple types of nodes and relationships) to integrate and learn from past studies’ results. Daniel has worked on various initiatives that increase biomedical research accessibility for both data scientists and regular people alike.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Himelstein has had an accomplished business career. With experience ranging from international business, leadership development, entrepreneurship and teaching at Berkeley Haas as well as founding multiple international consulting firms he uses his own experiences to teach his students in holistic fashion; for instance when teaching about international business he shares personal anecdotes such as traveling in Japan to explain subtle cultural differences while teaching his pupils to respect other cultures.

Pediatricians are specifically trained to meet the health care needs of children from infants to adolescents at every stage of development, from infancy through adolescence. UH practitioners seek prior approval before entering any new industry relationships and report these annually to the Office of Outside Interests.

Professional Career

Daniel Himmelstein is an innovative biomedical informatics scientist. He created and led the open-source Cognoma project, which puts machine learning technology directly in cancer biologists’ hands, as well as pioneered Hetnet networks with multiple nodes and relationships which he used to analyze millions of research studies from previous decades – his work is completely open source licensed and can be found on GitHub.

He assists clients on various business, real estate, and taxation issues and drafts wills, family limited partnership agreements, and limited liability company agreements for them. Additionally, he advises on estate planning strategies as well as prepares individual, trust, gift, and generation-skipping tax returns as well as helping with probate administration. A member of the Philadelphia Bar Association as well as an active civic leader.

Achievement and Honors

Dr. Eric Johnson has led in various organizational settings, such as academia, as an executive and consultant. A frequent presenter on sales and marketing breakthroughs, known for his candor and experience; his talks are always inspiring and informative. With an inherent gift for storytelling that showcases his dedication to helping others he also has an eye-opening story to share about overcoming addiction – an example that illustrates just one person can achieve great things and is highly sought after as a speaker.

Personal Life

Dan has held leadership roles in numerous academic and private organizations. Currently he teaches at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business while previously holding senior positions at University of San Francisco. He brings extensive international experience in business, finance and higher education. Through his practice he provides assistance with corporate formation, entity choice decisions, contract review, real estate transactions and employment issues. He advises his clients on taxation and estate planning matters, including the formation of revocable trusts, family limited partnerships, irrevocable life insurance trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, charitable trusts, and other sophisticated trusts.

Net Worth

Himelstein is renowned in the hotel industry as a seasoned expert on brand marketing strategies that create luxury lifestyle images and innovative brand marketing techniques. As former CMO at The Ritz-Carlton, his expertise lies in implementing sales and marketing strategies which led to dramatic revenue increases.

He possesses a natural gift for captivating his audience and delivers keynote presentations with candor, style, and flair. Leveraging his story-telling abilities to explain how brands can be successful during economic recessions is something he excels at doing.

Aaron Himelstein possesses an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. His net worth comes from being married and raising two children while acting in many films and TV series such as 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember and Joan of Arcadia.

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