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Who is Daniel Hogan?

During the war of independence he rose through the ranks to become second in command of Eoin O’Duffy’s Monaghan division. Additionally he served Monaghan county football team before being arrested before a game on Bloody Sunday.

Dan has successfully litigated hundreds of cases to verdict at both trial and appellate levels, as well as favorably settling numerous six, seven, and eight-figure claims prior to trial, mediations, or arbitration proceedings.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Hogan was a working class writer and editor whose work had been featured in Meanjin, Overland, XYZ, Woollahra Digital Literary Award, Harri Jones Prize and Wheeler Centre Next Chapter Fellowship among other publications. Additionally, their debut full-length poetry collection Secret Third Thing was released by Cordite Books in 2023.

After graduating college, he taught high school for several years before enrolling at University of Florida Law School for law school. Prosecution of criminal cases brought him great fulfillment as an attorney.

Hogan has successfully represented clients charged with capital murder and armed robbery at over forty trials, acting as first chair in every one. Now serving as a partner at Boatman Ricci, his practice encompasses civil, commercial, criminal and personal injury litigation as well as significant personal injury work.

Professional Career

Dan Hogan quickly rose to become one of Columbus Bar Association polls held every two years, when attorneys ranked him near or at the top among 17 Common Pleas judges.

Hogan worked alongside Doug Stead to convict George Skatzes and Jason Robb of their involvement in the Lucasville prison riot – one of his most satisfying trial experiences, according to Hogan.

At Stutman Law, he serves as an aggressive investigative and trial lawyer specializing in large loss subrogation claims. His expertise includes handling product liability disputes, catastrophic flooding events and sprinkler system malfunction.

He is an advocate and provides practical team-building techniques and facilitation tools that promote “working as one,” team building methods to transform dysfunctional work relationships into supportive bonds. His writing has been published in Meanjin, Overland, Going Down Swinging Cordite Southerly and The Lifted Brow.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Hogan is an internationally acclaimed team building expert. As the author of seven books on team building, and having personally served over 500 teams worldwide. Additionally, he created the Redefining Mutual Trust (RMT) process and set of tools and resources which continue to support teams, leaders, and facilitators worldwide.

He is co-founder of the RMT Foundation and serves on its Board of Trustees; and as Secretary for National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Pension Plans. In addition, he appears regularly as a guest on ACCENT morning talk show in Tallahassee, Florida.

Personal Life

Dan Hogan is a retired Air Force pilot, entrepreneur, and founder of Journal Record Publishing Company. Now retired, he consults and conducts training seminars worldwide on Right-Minded Teamwork.

He is popular among friends and family alike, yet especially enjoys music and animals. Additionally, he follows Washington Capitals hockey and Redskins football closely.

In the late 1890s, he started writing for socialist newspapers and becoming involved in politics. Working alongside Oscar Ameringer, he helped build Oklahoma Socialist Party into one of its strongest state organizations.

He has been described as possessing “real stature, depth of knowledge, insight, and affection from orchestral musicians of all ages and skill levels.” As conductor he founded Watford Youth Sinfonia as well as Sinfonia Perdita which currently falls under his leadership.

Net Worth

Daniel Hogan is a multibillionaire who owns several businesses, such as ViSalus fitness center in Florida. Additionally, Daniel has made appearances in two films: 5 Keys: Forgiveness (2014) and Mary’s Buttons (2012).

Hogan had an extensive career as a public defender and handled over one thousand criminal cases during that time, including first chair trials for murder, robbery, aggravated assault and capital sexual battery cases.

He is an outstanding professor who truly cares for his students, taking time to give feedback on essays and assignments; being forgiving when deadline extensions occur; as well as being understanding when dealing with stress or criticism about class workload. Furthermore, he serves as head coach of both Lindenwood University Belleville men’s and women’s soccer teams which have won two American Midwest Conference tournament titles and reached the semifinals of national championship tournament.

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