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Former Blair Community Schools Assistant Principal Convicted of Distributing Child Pornography

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Former Blair Community Schools assistant principal Daniel Hutsell will serve five years in federal prison after being sentenced for the distribution of child pornography. Hutsell was discovered through an alert sent out from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that led authorities to search images uploaded on Stelivo LLC chat websites that house him.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Hutsell, 42, from Blair, Nebraska was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison for distributing child pornography. Hutsell was identified after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received information from Stelivo LLC’s chat website which indicated one image uploaded by Daniel depicted a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

This collection includes the obituaries, funeral materials, biographical information and wedding announcements of Ann Biggers, Arlie A. Hutsell B. B. Hutsell Alma Hutsell and George Hamil from their families as well as bank books with business invoices/statements/notary public information/tax statements etc from them and their families. Additionally this material serves as financial history material.

This collection also contains material related to First Christian Church, such as cards and its history, school reports cards, photographs of student activities at school and high school pins; North Texas Agricultural College commencement announcements/programs honoring Alma Hutsell are all found here as well.

Professional Career

Daniel Hutsell serves as an accounts receivable manager at Furniture Fair, an American furniture retailer established in 1963. Since joining, his efforts have helped fuel a 20% sales increase during his four-year tenure with them.

OMAHA, Nebraska (KMTV) — An assistant principal from Blair High School was sentenced to prison this week after federal authorities received a tip about him from a real-time chat website business that runs real-time chat websites and discovered that the username uploading files matched up exactly with his.

He will serve 60 months of federal imprisonment followed by five years of supervised release during which time he must register as a sexual offender.

Achievement and Honors

Hutsell earned his first national award by outwitting Middle Atlantic PGA Section member Faber Jamerson in a playoff at Hershey Country Club and taking home both the PGA Professional National Championship as well as second place finish in Tournament Series and Player of Year honors.

Middle Atlantic PGA member Rick Schuller of Chester, Va. also won this accolade (2009).

Each spring, the Chair’s Award honors exceptional undergraduate students based on instructor comments and academic performance. The recipient receives a monetary gift as part of their recognition at Evans-Hall Lecture Series each spring courtesy of Deborah Jackson’s generous donation.

Personal Life

Hutsell was arrested and charged in federal court with distributing child pornography, specifically depictions depicting minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct on multiple occasions.

He was found guilty and given five months in prison, as well as being required to register as a sexual offender.

Hutsell had many relatives and associates he worked or socialized with during his lifetime, such as Amber M Snyder, April L Rothleutner, Charles E Hoit, Chase Morgan and Edward E Vanderpool. Some of his personal items such as business cards, stationary, discount stamp booklets and an office memo can be found at First Christian Church; also included here is correspondence sent directly to Alma and Cora Hutsell by Bary Hutsell (grandson of Cora and nephew of Alma).

Net Worth

Hutsell became well-known on Saturday Night Live for her impersonations of Jan Brady as well as celebrity impressions like Tori Spelling and Tonya Harding, plus appearances on other shows like The Thin Pink Line and Can’t Stop Dancing. It has been estimated that Hutsell has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.

In November 2021, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received information regarding 19 uploaded files to Stelivo, an Internet company offering real-time chat websites. Following up on their initial investigations of this case by Nebraska State Patrol agents, these files were linked with Hutsell’s IP address by user name upload.

Debbie Moore of Cleburne Texas survives her husband; their daughters Neci Koppel of Crowley Texas with husband Danny Koppel; Fade Hutsell from Joshua Texas with Daniel Hutsell as her husband; Tammie Decker with Brad Decker from Annona; Texas as well as two brothers Melvin Batey from Victoria Texas as well as Ruth Hutsell of Maryville Tennessee who will miss him greatly; as will several nieces, nephews and cousins who knew and loved him deeply.

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